Blogger Quilt Festival - Blind Co-pilot Twin quilt

This is my third entry into the Blogger Quilt Festival @Amy's Creative Side. I am entring my "Blind Co-pilot" quilt which I made for my husband in the bed quilt category. This was my long time UFO which I started in January 2013 and Finished August 2013. I totally love this pattern from Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson's "Quilting Modern" book.

Blind Co-pilot
This is one of my other favorite and my hybrid quilt. I really love the story of this. This was my first attempt at long-arm free motion quilting. When I went for quilting this in February of this year I was already pretty quilt with free motion quilting on my domestic machine and had a pretty good idea what I wanted to quilt on this.
All these sections was finished on my domestic machine

But to my super surprise things didn't go as planned. All my swirls were boxy than circular. By the way, I also took my then 19months old son along with me for quilting. At times in those 2-3 hours I was holding him with my one hand quilting with the other. So, I will never forgot this stressful experience.

It went into my UFO for a long time. And I was quilting like crazy to finish this one for our BMQG Lowell quilt festival exhibit.

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Quilt Staistics:
Quilt Dimension: 59 x 74 inches
Quilted by: me
Quilted on: HQ Avante Long arm
Blogger Quilt Festival Category: Bed Quilt
Fabric line: Madrona Road


  1. Stressful, yes, but it turned out so well! I love that technique in their book...

  2. Wow, one arm quilting with a toddler on the other? That's a great feat in itself! It turned out beautiful! One of my motto's is NO UFO's.........or at least no more than one! I will only put a project on hold if I have a deadline like for a challenge, or a baby shower or something along those lines. Otherwise, I grow tired of it. Glad you got it done:) It's a beauty and worth the wait!!

  3. I admire your determination! Quilting with one hand -- that's impressive.

  4. Way to finish it! The quilting looks fabulous.


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