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Every quilter will love this one

I saw this e-card at Bonnie K. Hunter's blog and thought that every quilter will appreciate this one ;).

I know how many pending mending project I still have ;). Some of them may take only 5 mins, yet I can't get to them :D. My non-quilter friends/family never understand why ?

Happy Quilting!

FMQ Friday - Feather Frenzy

The past week I headed over to my LQS to finish up the quilting on my Blind Co-pilot quilt, blogged here: Well I was trying to keep this a secret from my DH and surprise him once I was done. Well, I took the baby with him and somehow managed to quilt little over half of the quilt(quilt measures 62x77inches): 
 It was so weird, because I decided that I will directly practice on this quilt and boy that Long Arm machine had its own plan for the quilting. My designs oriented to be most straight....curves were all gone until after an hour or so.

Hmmm....well I didn't get to finish the quilting for before our BMQG Feb16th deadline for Madrona Road Challenge and now I am finishing up this on my DSM. You can see my curves are looking much better.

I think I have the feather bug again and going to quilt different feathers in the block centers and then keep the quilting simple on the triangles with just simple curves and SID.

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Star Burst Quilt Along with Melissa Corry

When I bought the Deco Fat quarter bundle around Christmas time, I wanted to make a quilt which would showcase these beautiful large scale prints. While I was browsing through various blogs, I came across Melissa Corry's Star Burst Quilt Along. The pattern was just perfect my Deco fabrics.

Here are my two 32" blocks for this week.

Two more to go.
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W.I.P Wednesdays - Madrona Road Challenge

Our Boston Modern Quilt Guild (BMQG) is taking part in the Madrona Road Quilt Challenge hosted by The Modern Quilt Guild (MQG). I really love this fabric line from designer Violet Craft.

I made the quilt from the book Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen, Blind Co-pilot using the technique called "Stitch and Flip Triangles".  As part of my Boot Camp Sundays I did a tutorial on this technique, if you're interested click here.

I still have to stitch these 4 big rows together to complete the quilt top. Then off to quilt all these yummy negative space. I already have choose my FMQ design for the background. Now have to decide on the block focus.

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Dancing Stars Quilt Along @ Amy's Creative Side

I have been collecting fabrics for the Dancing starts quilt along and decided on the size of the quilt I will be using. I bet that is a good start right? For the background fabric I'm going to use an ombre effect. First 2 rows is kona ash, then kona medium grey, then kona coal and then finally kona charcoal.

Hmmm....did print 20some blocks and cut 13 of them to form first 2 rows. So, that's my progress for January.

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Boot Camp Sundays February - Flipping Triangles

February - Improv Piecing using Flipping Triangles
Have you ever been stressed out about matching your points while working with snowballing your blocks? You don't have to stress out any more, Flipping Triangles is going to ease out your anxieties by using modern way of snowballing your blocks.

As you know by now the theme for this month is Flipping Triangles. I came up with this theme after reading the cool modern improvisational piecing technique, "Stitch and Flip Triangle" from the Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts book by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen. I am working on one of the quilts from this book and absolutely love this technique. Improvisation piecing(Improv piecing for short form ) is very liberating and fun way to design your quilt as you go.

A heart felt thank you to Jacquie and Katie for letting me do this tutorial on their Improv Piecing technique - "Stitch and Flip Triangles" from their book. They have 3…

Boot Camp Sundays - January Recap

January Recap:
My goal for January was to at least complete 1 quilt and have few in WIPs.
I know that these are some strict deadlines and sometimes feel unachievable. Please don't intimidated, do it at your own pace. The goal is to have fun making quilts and lots of them :-)

Other WIPs:

Hope you got a chance to  make a quilt with Just borders.