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Design Floor & Terrible Two's

Once upon a time I used to get some sewing done during the day. But my sweet little toddler sometimes has his terrible two moments. This is what happens if I let him in my sewing studio with my design floor.

I think its high time I setup that design wall for which I had bought the Insulation foam almost an year ago ;). Hmmm my good old sewing days are gone :(.

Happy Quilting!
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Traveling Stash Giveaway WINNER and Aviatrix QAL

Traveling Stash WINNER: I am so excited to annouce the Traveling Stash Winner, its Mary. Here is a screen shot from the Rafflecopter random generator:
She wanted to add some low-volume fabrics to her stash, so this what I'm adding. To see what I scored from the Traveling stash click here.

Aviatrix QAL: I shouldn't be starting another project, but when I saw Elizabeth Hartman's new pattern and Aviatrix QAL. I just couldn't resist. At first I ignored it, but then gave in the temptation. She mentioned in her blog that its a low-key one and no pressure in finishing up within a set deadline, which was deciding factor for me.
I am not planning to finish this in next 3 months, but its going to be an year long project :-). Low pressure!
Fabric Selection: Here is what I have selected so far in term of fabrics. I know what my main fabrics are but they're not yet well grouped into Dark, medium light or as per Elizabeth's suggestion. I started with Saphire fabric collect…

W.I.P. Wednesday - Very little progress

Tonight I had a great time sewing with Tina. After a long week of no sewing time, this was pure awesome!

I got one row finished for my Triangle quilt - "My Little Kitty". I know this is cliché that I'm making a #7 with Triangles for my daughters 7th birthday next month.  She is budding into her own little personality. She loves cats and kind of choose the fabrics for this quilt. She did approve my design ;) though.

Here it is, one row done and 11 more to go:
I am still debating whether to add one more row though.

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Also linking up to Lorna @SewFreshQuilts.

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What is your SuperPower? - My Little Pony

First I want to thank you our cheer leader wonderful Pauline @Quilt n Queen and wonderful Madm Samm @ Sew We Quilt for this wonderful opportunity being part of Superpower Bloghop.

So, you ask what is my SUPERPOWER? There are many things, I am a multi-tasker, UFO Queen ;), a Mom, a Quilter, a Teacher, a Software Engineer... What keeps me going learning new things in every aspect of my life. Somehow I manage to keep my life extremely busy all the time.

So, for my SuperPower day, I decided to make my daughter recent superpower - My Little Pony. My daughter doesn't want girly girl stuff any more. 6 months ago her favorite was purple Twilight Sparkle Pony and now she loves the cowgirl Apple Jack Pony. So, here it is:
You might see more My Little Ponies in the future ;).

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Buzzing and Bumbling

Triangle QAL - Week4

A very slow progress from my end. I have all my triangles cut and arranging them now.

Hopefully these 2 weeks would help me to catch-up with everyone else.
Here is what I have so far:

Here is how my design floor looks like:

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Traveling Stash Giveaway

Last week I received the traveling Stash passed on by Brittany@ Pickles quilting and it was fun open and find some goodies I liked.
NOTE:- Due to high shipping cost this giveaway is only for people in the U.S.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck with the giveaway. I will choose a winner next week.

Happy Quilting!
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W.I.P Wednesday - April Snow?

Okay I can take April Showers but April Snow? Its a big NO NO....
But this is what we woke up to this morning:

I made very little progress on my Triangle QAL. Next week is Spring break, I am hoping to get more sewing?? Lets see how it goes.

On another note, I received the traveling stash from Brittany@ PicklesQuilting. This link will take you to her blog post with pictures from this box:
I will be adding more to this traveling stash once I have the winner. Come back tomorrow for a chance to win this traveling stash. If you win, you get to pick quilty things from the box and add more to it for next winner.

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MQX - Bits N Pieces quilt shop booth

I am so excited to see that I quilt is at MQX even though I can't make it. If you happen to be there definitely stop by Bits N Pieces quilt shop booth. You might see my quilt there :-).

Here couple of pictures of my quilt. This one for sure labor of love. Lot of hours of piecing as well as quilting.

If you happen to be there at MQX and get a picture of my quilt, please leave a comment here with link.

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Triangle Quilt Along Week 3

I think I have enough triangles cut for my quilt. I am thinking of slightly bigger layout 16 across and 13 rows. I am using lots of kitty prints and butterflies. This is going to be for my daughter and her birthday is coming up next month. So, I might try to incorporated that into my design.

Ordered some of background (low volume) fabrics and will be adding that to the quilt. So, definitely little behind that everyone else in the Triangle QAL.

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Triangle Quilt Along @TheSassyQuilter - Week2

I have been wanting to make the triangle quilt for more than a year now. When I saw the Triangle Quilt along while reading one of the blogs. I had just jump in, I know I am starting yet another project. But couldn't resist with all the cute fabrics I acquired in the last few months.

My fabric choice:
Still thinking should i combine these two fabric lines. What do you think?

I am still cutting the triangles, I will upload more pictures as soon as I have the rest of them all cut.

Happy Quilting!
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