FMQ Friday with Leah Day - Quilts for Boston

This week I got to quilt one of quilts I had pieced for Boston Strong. I didn't have any particular plan on how to quilt this for quilting. And I used the HQ Fusion long arm for the first time. For my height(5ft 3") this was a really really big machine. It did take a while to get used to it, I hope my quilting still turned out okay . And I hope this would be still loved by the special person who will receive this quilt. The awesome Liz@ Bits N Pieces sponsored the quilting for this quilt. She has been such a great support for the "Quilts for Boston". This is the 4th quilt quilted @Bits N Pieces and fully sponsered, including the one quilted by their staff.

Quilt for Boston - my 3rd one pieced and quilted by me@Bits N Pieces, Pelham, NH

Quilt Back

Closeup of the quilting - Feathers, loopy loopy, Square spiral etc FMQs
Quilting on a long arm takes a while. The HQ Fusion was even powerful than the HQ Avante. And lot more for quilting in the frame. I wish I was little taller to use it comfortably. Hope to try it again for my future Queen/King size quilt ;).

Happy Quilting!


  1. Love the colours such a joyful quilt.

  2. I love how your quilting turned out!

  3. Can't you lower the height of table, thus lowering machine.


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