Saturday, June 30, 2012

SewCalGal's FMQ Challenge - June 2012

I'm thinking of doing the feathers with some pebbles and repetitive lines for the FMQ Sampler.
Cindy Needham was very inspiring. Unfortunately I didnt get time to spend lot of time on this. I finished this in couple of hours. The only thing I like is my pebbling, everything else looks terrible. Any way just wanted to get this out from my to do list. I know this not the best way to practice quilting by lately I have been extremely busy.   Here is my attempt in imitating the master piece by Cindy Needleman:

I'm hoping to a better job for my Sampler quilt :-(.

Thank you SewCalGal and Cindy for the wonderful tutorial and FMQ Challenge.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quilt Along with Leah Day - Week 18

Loopy Line was a fun design to play with. Wow, didn't realize it had so much potential. As always I love curvy designs they are much more relaxing to quilt.

So, are pictures from my practice sandwich. I'm still debating whether to keep this as a good size changing pad or make it to a Quilt-As-you-Go baby quilt.

Some more close up shots:
Different variation of Loopy line

Figure 8 and continuous loops

Loopy Line Closeup

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quilt Along with Leah Day - Week 17

Wow! I really needed a vacation in May. It was such a hectic month with very little quilting.
I'm glad to have Leah's Quilt Along back. Have really missed it.
Since, I do not have any pieced quilt to work on. I decided to sampler blocks and then put them together at the end with Quilt-As-You-Go method. This takes some pressure off my shoulders.

Here is my work for this week:
Quilt Sample
Circuit Board FMQ

Circuit Board FMQ Variation
I guess I'm curvy kind of girl, I prefer or find it easier to quilt the curvy designs over the boxy designs. This was a little bit tough. The second variation which I tried for circuit board was being mindful about the images on the fabric and only trying to quilt around them. I really do like both quilting. Just that the second one is not equally spaced.

Leah if you're reading I have couple of questions for you:
1. In my variation of circuit board, I tried to be mindful about the pictures/images on the fabric and my quilting ended up not being equally spaced. Is this okay? I kind of know you're answer....I bet you're going to say if I like it then its okay. Any way wanted to hear your suggestions.

2. Do some people find it easier to do the curvy designs over the boxy ones? Or is it just me?

Happy Quilting!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Boy's ABC Quilt

May month has been extremely busy for me. I haven't really blogged except for once this whole month. But I did get a quilt done during May. Its a little boy's ABC quilt with blue, reds, yellows and green as the main color scheme in this quilt. This is a perfect quilt for a little boy in your life who is absolutely in love with his letters.

A lot of quilting has been done in this quilt. I started with stitching in the ditch, but it was different this time it wasn't straight lines, it was wiggly lines. Talk about challenging yourself. By the time I finished highlight all the blocks I got really good at quilting free-hand wiggly lines.
Wiggly Lines Back of the Quilt
 So you can see the grid quite well in the above picture. Here is a picture of the front of the quilt:
ABC Quilt
ABC Quilt - showcasing wiggly lines around the blocks. The binding was done with a fabric with allover ABC's.

I then quilted around each big letter and the motif/image inside each block. This whole quilt was a lot of quilting in straight or should I say wiggly lines. This was really a good practice of this type of quilting.
To be able to read the words in the outside border of the quilt, I choose a loopy loopy design which would not block the words in the outer border. This was really fun.

Here is a picture of the quilt after all the quilting was complete of each block.
Quilted Block and quilted inner border.
I quilted in the inner border with a cross and a circle in the center. This really brings out the print of the fabric highlight it.
Quilted Blocks - Motifs and big letter
Loopy Loop FMQ design on the outer border
Paisley FMQ design
Heart Paisley FMQ design
Spike Paisley FMQ design - which looks like Dinosaur claws
Quilted Blocks
Quilted Blocks - Picture2
Binding was done with all over ABC fabric

Binding and back of the quilt

It was fun to quilt some of the Leah's FMQ designs: Paisley, Heart Paisley and Spike Paisley.

Enjoy the pictures!