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SewCalGal's FMQ Challenge - June 2012

I'm thinking of doing the feathers with some pebbles and repetitive lines for the FMQ Sampler. Cindy Needham was very inspiring. Unfortunately I didnt get time to spend lot of time on this. I finished this in couple of hours. The only thing I like is my pebbling, everything else looks terrible. Any way just wanted to get this out from my to do list. I know this not the best way to practice quilting by lately I have been extremely busy.   Here is my attempt in imitating the master piece by Cindy Needleman: I'm hoping to a better job for my Sampler quilt :-(. Thank you SewCalGal and Cindy for the wonderful tutorial and FMQ Challenge.

Quilt Along with Leah Day - Week 18

Loopy Line was a fun design to play with. Wow, didn't realize it had so much potential. As always I love curvy designs they are much more relaxing to quilt. So, are pictures from my practice sandwich. I'm still debating whether to keep this as a good size changing pad or make it to a Quilt-As-you-Go baby quilt. Some more close up shots: Different variation of Loopy line Figure 8 and continuous loops Loopy Line Closeup

Quilt Along with Leah Day - Week 17

Wow! I really needed a vacation in May. It was such a hectic month with very little quilting. I'm glad to have Leah's Quilt Along back. Have really missed it. Since, I do not have any pieced quilt to work on. I decided to sampler blocks and then put them together at the end with Quilt-As-You-Go method. This takes some pressure off my shoulders. Here is my work for this week: Quilt Sample Circuit Board FMQ Circuit Board FMQ Variation I guess I'm curvy kind of girl, I prefer or find it easier to quilt the curvy designs over the boxy designs. This was a little bit tough. The second variation which I tried for circuit board was being mindful about the images on the fabric and only trying to quilt around them. I really do like both quilting. Just that the second one is not equally spaced. Leah if you're reading I have couple of questions for you: 1. In my variation of circuit board, I tried to be mindful about the pictures/images on the fabric and my qui

Little Boy's ABC Quilt

May month has been extremely busy for me. I haven't really blogged except for once this whole month. But I did get a quilt done during May. Its a little boy's ABC quilt with blue, reds, yellows and green as the main color scheme in this quilt. This is a perfect quilt for a little boy in your life who is absolutely in love with his letters. A lot of quilting has been done in this quilt. I started with stitching in the ditch, but it was different this time it wasn't straight lines, it was wiggly lines. Talk about challenging yourself. By the time I finished highlight all the blocks I got really good at quilting free-hand wiggly lines. Wiggly Lines Back of the Quilt  So you can see the grid quite well in the above picture. Here is a picture of the front of the quilt: ABC Quilt - showcasing wiggly lines around the blocks. The binding was done with a fabric with allover ABC's. I then quilted around each big letter and the motif/image inside each block. This whol