Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Around the world Bloghop update and making some dolls

Just a quick update on the Around the world Bloghop. Looks like my friend Tina tagged by another BMQG member, so please be sure to check her post next Monday instead of this Monday. Sorry that if you had showed up yesterday. I appreciate your patience.

Okay, I am finally getting into groove of my new schedule, find some time to sew or at least cut for now. Kiddos and I are making some new dolls from Acorn Trail fabric collection by Tegan While for Birch Fabrics. I am so crazy about these fabrics.

Cut and Sew dolls panel
My daughter picked up the girl doll and my son the fox. She cut outline for her doll :), I was so nervous that I just stood there watching her :). She did great.
They both helped me pin too ;)
 You will here more soon.
Happy Sewing!
(a.k.a Malini)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my Quilty Corner. This is where I share everything about my Quilting/Sewing passion. First I want to thank the wonderful Brittany of Pickles Quilting for tagging me along on this wonderful blog hop.

I started quilting when I was pregnant with my son and the very first quilty thing I made was a quilter baby car seat cover and a matching stroller cover too :). I have been hooked ever since. So, its been 3 years enjoying this wonderful craft.
Baby Car Seat Cover

Stroller Cover
1. What I am working on?
 Okay right now I have 2 designs in progress. One is making Princess Elsa dress for my daughter who is 7 years old. And the other is the Quilt Pattern which is part of MQG Monthly patterns. My month is December, so stay tuned of that.

2. How does my work differ from others in the genre? My style is more of modern quilting and I especially love "Improve piecing" and lots of negative space whenever I can. This blog land and internet is full of inspiration. But I have my own point of view and have so many ideas for quilt patterns. You can find some of my quilt patterns available for free which I wrote for Riley Blake Designs Cutting Corners College.

Cute and Spooky Spider Web
Boy Crazy Cabins
Splendor Garden

Evergreen Pillow Sham
I like other pattern designers and authors patterns too. Two of my most favorites are Elizabeth Hartman and Jacquie Gering. You can see some of the quilts I made from their patterns here:
To the Point Quilt - from Jacquie Gering's Craftsy class

Blind-Copilot from Jacquie Gering & Katie Pedersen's book
Sometimes I like to put my own spin on a quilt pattern, he is my Color Splash quilt inspired by Jacquie and Katies book "Quilting Modern" :
Color Splash Quilt inspired by Shattered Quilt
Modern Pods - a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman's Craftsy class
Rainbow Drill still a WIP - a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman's second book
I have still many more I created for my kids, you can check out my older posts to find out more.
3. Why do I create and what I do?
 Creating has become part of my life. I get a confidence from this creative outlet which can be found elsewhere. I am so glad that I took a break from my full-time job 3 years back when I had my second baby, my son. Its been a true bliss ever since.

 4. How does my creative process work?
Being a new mom sometimes its really hard to find time to sew all the time. So, when I am not sewing/quilting I am always thinking about my current and next project. So, there is lot of thought process than actual sewing itself. So, this period can last any where from 1 month to 1 year depending upon my project.
So when I start a project I have pretty good idea of what I want, but I do leave room for design as you go.
 After 3 years I just went back to work, I hope I can continue to create in this wonderful place. Here are some of my WIPs which I would like to finish this year.
My Little Kitty Triangle Quilt
My Purple Star burst- by Me (Hemamalini Elumalai)

My goal for this year to release my commercial pattern. I have a road block which I haven't over come. I will continue working towards this goal for now. I hope you got lot of eye candy today :). 

 Now it is time to pass the torch onto my wonderful friend Tina from www.Modgeometry.com who saved me, even though I asked her to join me at the last minute. She graciously agreed to continue the Around the World Blog Hop.

Tina from Mod Geometry:

 Tina and I first met at our first BMQG meeting, it was first day for both of us. Its been wonderful to know her ever since. She is an fabric designer and pattern designer. She has been sewing since I childhood, when she got introduced to sewing by her mother. Visit her blog to see more of her amazing creative work.

Thank you all for joining me today. Hope you had a wonderful stop at the Around the world blog hop.

Happy Quilting!
(a.k.a Malini)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Fabric Alert! - Geometric Bliss & Athena

I am super excited to announce  more beautiful fabrics are arriving soon from Art Gallery Fabrics: Athena by the amazing Angela Walters and Geometric Bliss by the super talented Jeni Baker.

I am taking pre-orders for both of them on my shop's Instagram account. If you would like to pay by credit card I convo me on my Etsy I will setup a reserved listing for you.

I will try to have the listing up on Etsy shop by end of this weekend. Stay tuned for a giveaway in October.

Happy Shopping!
(a.k.a Malini)

Monday, September 15, 2014

See You In September Blog Hop - Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of See you In September blog hop. First I wanted to thank the master mind behind these wonderful blog hops, Madm Samm and our amazing cheerleader Shari for all the encouragement throughout the Summer :).

Boy! The Summer just flew away. I had only done one major quilt in the summer but managed to cook up 3 projects to show you today.

First up is "Rainbow Skirt" using RBD small gingham. My daughter loves rainbow and she choose these color order. I used 2.5" strips to make this skirt and all together 3 Jelly Rolls.

Here is the skirt I made:

I have been wanting to sew with knit fabrics for quite some time. I wouldn't say I have mastered it yet. But its at a good point. You can really see the details but I added 2 front pockets and one back pockets too. This is a first for me. Never sewn a pant before.

Knit Toddler Pants
Knit Toddler Pants - Front pockets(I hope you can see it ;) )

Knit Toddler Pants - Back pockets(I hope you can see it ;) )
I am planning to sew a pant with cotton fabric soon. I think I got the hang of it ;).

Last but not least is the cute baby blanket I made for a Customer at my Etsy shop. This is one of my favorite collection from Riley Blake Designs - Hoo's in the Forest . I have been hoarding this fabric for quite sometime now.

My other summer/fall projects which were already published for Riley Blake Designs Cutting corners college:
Splendor Garden quilt Tutorial
Evergreen Quilted Pillow Sham Tutorial
 Thank you for stopping by and checking out my projects.
Here is the rest of the schedule for today. Go say hi to the other hoppers today :) .
Happy Quilting!
(a.k.a Malini)

Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm back - A tutorial for Riley Blake Designs

I hope its true. I am back to sewing after a very long time. This summer has been really busy with kids and my little shop :). Even though I didn't get to sew much, cutting fabrics for the shop was fun.

Is it too early for Christmas, I just couldn't resist this adorable fabric collection by Riley Blake Designs. And  here is a link to my tutorial to make a cute Evergree Quilted Pillow Sham with Ruffles :). Yes, I used my Ruffler foot for the first time and it was lot of fun. More ruffles in the future ;).

Evergreen Quilted Pillow Sham
As you might have guessed this has been claimed by my daughter and she wants me to make one more. I got to quilt on my home machine after a very long time. I broke 2 needles in 1 hour :(. But the quilting itself was lot of fun.

This is a tad bigger for my pillow form.

Pillow Back is cuter than the front ;)
I hope this was a good eye candy.
Happy Quilting!
(a.k.a Malini)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Labor Day Sale - 10% to 30% off all items

Big sale at my Etsy shop for Labor day. The sale starts today and ends September 2nd at Midnight.

I am slowing drawn to my first passion of sewing clothes/garments and have a ordered a bunch of Voile and Knit fabrics. Some are listed in the shop and others at my my shop Instagram file. I will be updating the other knit fabrics from Art Gallery fabrics and Birch fabric on my Etsy shop tonight.

Labor Day Sale
This summer has been really busy with kids, haven't completed many sewing projects I had planned for. But school starts next week and I am excited to getting back at my sewing/quilting projects :).

Meanwhile enjoy the sale.
Happy Shopping!
(a.k.a Malini)

Monday, July 28, 2014

FREE SHIPPING on all Bundles - Shop Update

Last day for FREE SHIPPING on all BUNDLES. Click on the "Shop" tab for my Etsy shop or follow my shop on Instagram: Malini's Quilt Co. IG.

Happy Shopping!
(a.k.a Malini )

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weekend Sewing Marathon - A new tutorial for Riley Blake Designs

Hello Everyone, sorry for the long break from sewing/quilting project updates. I am back with my sojo( sewing mojo).
I have been literally sewing non-stop since Friday night. Here is the outcome:
RBD Splendor Fabric Collection by Lila Tueller

Splendor Garden Quilt - 80/90 x 77 inches
 A free tutorial available on Riley Blake Designs Cutting Corners College website, click here.

Even though I got hardly any sleep over the weekend, it feels refreshing to get sew much sewing done ;). I think I sewed more hours this last week compared to the sewing I did in last 6 months. I hope I am coming out of the non-sewing rut I have been for quite sometime now.
More closeup pictures:
Flower block# 1

Pieced Flower block - Block#2

Pieced Kites - My favorites

This is the second largest quilt I ever made, almost a queen 80/90 x 77 inches. I am planning to quilt this on the long arm. But I have never rented longarm for more than 3 hours at a time. This one is looking like 6 to 10 hours of quilting unless I really simplify the quilting. I hate to take the quilt off the frame and reload again for more quilting. Hmmmm.....decisions decisions...decisions!

Linking up to Lee's Freshly Pieced blog and Lorna's Let's Bee Social.

Happy Quilting!
(a.k.a Malini)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

AGF - Jungle Ave fabric collection by Sarah Lawson

Sorry to just keep posting shop updates. I promised I will get more sewing/quilting done in the next coming week and share the progress with you.

I am really excited about another fabric collection by Art Gallery fabrics. Its Sara Lawson's Jungle Ave fabric collection for AGF Limited edition.  I just ordered these this morning. I can't wait for it to arrive. My daughter is pretty excited about these two fabrics:

Here is the entire collection:
Jungle Ave Fabric Collection by Sara Lawson - Limited Edition
I have also ordered some Voile and Knits(from a different collection). I am excited and hopeful that I will get back my sewing/quilting mojo. Its become like the GYM thing, that I am not able to get any sewing done these days :). I am off for the summer, hopefully I can squeeze sewing/quilting back into my schedule.

Happy Quilting!
(a.k.a Malini)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 4th Sale on Instagram and Etsy

I will be having yardage sale on shop Instagram account starting 10pm EST tonight and Etsy starting midnight tonight.

Here are some of the fabrics which will be on sale:
Indelible, Twice As Nice and couple of Simply Sweet
Everyday Party by Birch Organics
How about a picture of the quilt top I recently finished using Everyday Party fabrics:
Tumbling Blocks Baby Quilt - 40 x 50 inches
 I used 6 fat quarters but you can make this with just 5 FQs and there is some leftover fabrics too.

 I hope something catches your eyes.

Happy 4th of July all!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

IS HERE - AGF Indelible fabrics by Katarina Roccella

Last night when we came back from Canobie Lake Park this beautiful stack of fabrics were waiting for me in the door steps. I absolutely love these fabrics and the colors ways. Ordered all 20 prints from the Indelible fabric line by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery fabrics.

AGF Indelible fabrics by Katarina Roccella
One week only, free shipping on Complete F8 and FQ bundle of Indelible fabrics. Click on Shop tab to buy from my Etsy shop. $5 off for international shipping.

The free shipping offer ends July 1st at midnight!

Happy Fabric Shopping!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fun Play Date with Janis - Sun printing

Yesterday my little Kavin and I spent the afternoon with amazing friend Janis . She does amazing art quilts and free motion quilting. The best part is she makes her own prints too.  How cool is that? Check out her blog Turtle Moon Impressions.

Hema and Janis

She offered me to come play with her Sun printing techniques. It was really wonderful and I am totally hooked. Thank you so much Janis.

Here are couple of our Sun-printing in progress:
Janis sun print in progress
My sun print in progress  
Our sun prints are drying in the clothesline. Janis had washed them in a special detergent. 

Finally taking a break after all that printing. Do you see the tent, that's where the prep work happens. Janis has an amazing setup there with everything needed for printing.

Janis was explaining something to me, while was checking out newly acquired Thomas Train :). 
Thank you Janis and Bill. He is absolutely thrilled about it.

While we were experimenting with Sun prints, Kavin kept himself occupied looking for and chasing Janis's cat Tutu. He also got to play with lots of Cars and of course the Thomas Train. For more pics check out Janis's post.

Kavin chasing Tutu

Kavin running behind Janis cat Tutu
Here the prints I made with Janis's help:

Thank you Janis for having us over. We both had such a wonderful time and weather was awesome too.
A beginning of new obsession :)

Happy Quilting!