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WIP Wednesday @Freshly Pieced - Something new

I have started working on a new project. LQF did force to finish some of my long time UFOs and was able to display some of them. Check it out here . Good excuse to start working on a new project ;). Like I need a reason to start new project ...ha...ha.. I won't be able to share the progress in the next couple of weeks...Shhhh....its a secret. But will be happy to show the project when its ready :-). Now linking up to Lee's Freshly Pieced blog .

Lowell Quilt Festival - Boston Modern Quilt Guild Exhibit Part1

It was an amazing experience being part of the BMQG Exhibit , Lowell Quilt Festival. Our exhibit was very colorful with lot of unique quilts. I didn't to leave any out one out since each one of the quilts were extraordinary made by our amazing BMQG members. The venue Appleton mills was just perfect to showcase the quilts. Our BMQG's members show volunteered for LQF(Lowell Quilt Festival) did an awesome job making this show just a great experience for everyone. It was fun to volunteer on Friday and Saturday and spend some time talking quilts with Gretchen, Natasha and Naomi. Friday was gallery night reception and it was fun to have family and friend's to enjoy our show. My kids had fun playing with other kids who were at the show. A warning that this post is going to be picture heavy, everyone did just an awesome job I didn't want to leave anyone out. Here it comes: Here are the pics of quilts by various BMQG members: Samantha Russell: Stephanie

Lowell Quilt Festival - FMQ Friday

This year again BMQG was invited to be part of the LQF. I have some quilts in display there. It has been an honor to be the part of the show. The BMQG LQF committee has worked hard to put together this show. Here are some the pictures: Blind Co-pilot close up Blind Co-pilot Metro Pods The first one from left is mine and second one is Stephanie's Again from left mine: Shades of Blue and right is Alexis Tumbling blocks Metro Hoop I will be at the show tomorrow and be back with more lovely pictures of these modern quilts from our BMQG members. Now linking up with Leah Day's FMQ Friday .