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SewCalGal's FMQ Challenge for August by Wendy Sheppard

This months challenge was really fun. I have done a similar FMQ design during one of Leah Days Quilt Alongs, the sharp stippling. Here are couple of practice quilt sandwiches: The first one was done in small scale, they're between 1/4 & 1/2 inches scale: Party Hat FMQ - 1/4 inch scale I was reading Wendy Sheppard blog this morning and decided to try it in large scale. Here is a snapshot of that: Party Hats FMQ - 1/2 inch scale Thank you both Wendy for sharing this wonderful tutorial and SewCalGal for bringing this wonderful opportunity to learn and improve upon our FMQ. You both are amazing!

X's and Os Quilt

This past week I have been on a roll finishing up my quilt tops which either had partially pieced blocks or the fabrics where cut and ready to go.  So, here is what have been upto in the last 10 days: The first quilt top which I finished is Xs and O's quilt blocks using Moda's Rooftop Garden collections.  Check out this awesome tutorial from Jenny Doan @Missouri Star Quilt Co These are vibrant and colorful fabric. The first time I saw some of the quilts made from this line were not attractive at all. I believe some solid fabric needed to be added to make the beautfy of this fabric line pop. Here is my attempt in doing so: X's and O's quilt top A closer look at the X's and O's quilt block. I goofed up a little while trimming the blocks and some of my white squares ended up being wonky. But I do like this happy mistake. You can see that in the below pic: X's and O's Blocks Here is another sneak-peak at the one more quilt which Im

QuiltCon Block Challenge - August2012

I'm so excited to be submitting couple of quilt blocks for the QuiltCon Block Challenge : For the first block my inspiration was pyramids or glass prisms. But after this block was made, it looks like "Road to California". ;) I'm just making this up. Inspired by Pyramids I also made another block, but now I'm going to keep it for myself and made a baby quilt out of it:

Quilt Along with Leah Day - Week25

This week the cucumber vine pattern was really cool. At first I thought I would have difficultly with this pattern. But it came naturally to me. I'm sometimes puzzled how FMQ patterns which are similar some you have better control over others. My swrils are yet not very perfect but cumcumber vine was so natural same is true with paisley, it just seems like I have know these patterns for ever. So, I have admit that its always harder for me to follow the line than free-form FMQ quilting. So, here you can see both example of it. One of my sqaures with the the block is Moda Swrils fabric which is exactly like Leah's cucumber vine. This seems little bit tougher than the other plain square block where I did free-form FMQ. The larger squares on the left are quilted with Cucumber vine FMQ Need to finish rest of the block with these patterns.