Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blogger Quilt Festival - Blind Co-pilot Twin quilt

This is my third entry into the Blogger Quilt Festival @Amy's Creative Side. I am entring my "Blind Co-pilot" quilt which I made for my husband in the bed quilt category. This was my long time UFO which I started in January 2013 and Finished August 2013. I totally love this pattern from Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson's "Quilting Modern" book.

Blind Co-pilot
This is one of my other favorite and my hybrid quilt. I really love the story of this. This was my first attempt at long-arm free motion quilting. When I went for quilting this in February of this year I was already pretty quilt with free motion quilting on my domestic machine and had a pretty good idea what I wanted to quilt on this.
All these sections was finished on my domestic machine

But to my super surprise things didn't go as planned. All my swirls were boxy than circular. By the way, I also took my then 19months old son along with me for quilting. At times in those 2-3 hours I was holding him with my one hand quilting with the other. So, I will never forgot this stressful experience.

It went into my UFO for a long time. And I was quilting like crazy to finish this one for our BMQG Lowell quilt festival exhibit.

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Quilt Staistics:
Quilt Dimension: 59 x 74 inches
Quilted by: me
Quilted on: HQ Avante Long arm
Blogger Quilt Festival Category: Bed Quilt
Fabric line: Madrona Road

Blogger Quilt Festival - Cute and Spooky Spider Web quilt

Blogger Quilt Festival @AmyCreativeSide is lot of fun for all the quilters to get together online. This entry is for my throw/lap quilt I made for Riley Blake's Cutting Corners College: Cute and Spooky Spider Web Quilt.
This tutorial was using just the require 6x24 inch ruler no special rulers. I also wrote a tutorial using the Creative Grid's Spider Web ruler using Moda's Boo Crew fabric line by Deb Strain. Check out the tutorial here.  This is the modern version of the traiditional Spider web quilt. I love the asymmetry of the quilt which creates two different sizes of spider webs.
Cute and Spooky Spider web quilt

Not sure why this is sideways...can't figure out blogger
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Quilt Statistics:
Dimentsion: 59 x 76 inches
Quilted on: Long arm machine - HQ Avante
Quilted by: me(Hemamalini Elumalai) a.k.a Malini
Thread: King tut 40wt thread
Blogger Quilt Festival category: Throw quilt
Fabric Line: Too Cute to Spook by Bella Blvd for Riley Blake Designs

Blogger Quilt Festival - Modern Pods Baby Quilt

The pattern for Modern Pods quilt is from Elizabeth Hartman's Craftsy class "Inspired Modern Quilts". The fabric line I used is "Little Black Dress" by Basic Grey for Moda.
I was totally in love with this fabric line and used Moda's mini charm packs, also known as Moda candy's. I am totally addicted to these.

This quilt was made with all my favorite things, the background fabric is Robert Kaufman's Yarn Dyed Essex in Flax. I used Angela Walter's wood grain free motion quilting on the background and swirls in the pod blocks.

Closeup of Wood Grain FMQ from Angela Walter's first book

I love the back of the quilt as much as I love the front.

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Quilt Statistics:
Dimensions: 40 x 52 inches
Quilted on: HQ Avante Long arm machine
Thread: So Fine 50wt thread
Fabric line: Little Black Dress by Moda
Blogger Quilt Festival Category: Baby quilts

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day2 Wicked Blog hop - WICKED ONE HANDLE BAG

Welcome to the Wicked Blog hop brought to you by Wicked Wendy and Madm Samm. Looks like I am diving from one Halloween project into the other since September. After 2 spider web quilts I wanted to do something different. How about WICKED ONE HANDLE BAG. My inspiration was the one eye monster Mike from the "Monster University" movie.

There triangles where left over from the Boo-crew spider web quilt below. I don't like to waste any fabric ;).

Quilted the white triangles with radiating rays

Wicked Bag with Spider web quilt
Here are my 2 "Cute And Spooky Spider web" quilts along with link to the tutorials:
 The first one is my most recent Spider web quilt just finished last week using Moda's Boo crew fabric line.
Click here for the tutorial using Spider Web ruler

Cute and Spooky Spider web quilt - tutorial here
This one I made it for Riley Blake Design's Cutting Corners College. It doesn't require any special ruler for this tutorial.

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Thank you Wendy for being our cheerleader for this WICKED WONDERFUL BLOG HOP. And Madm Samm for bring us all together for this WICKEDNESS ;).

Friday, October 18, 2013

Updated Cute and Spooky Spider Web quilt tutorial

I kind of get it how pattern designers are obsessed with their pattern. I used to wonder how come they can do the same thing again and again. Now I know. I can stop until I get this perfect. The simpler the better right? Same thing happened with Cute and Spooky Spider web quilt. I apologize for talking about my Spider Web quilter pattern a lot lately ;).
Without further ado here is the tutorial:

Fabrics/Tools needed for approximately 40x40 wall hanging:
  • 16 Jelly rolls strips (2.5 inch strips)
  • 1 1/3 yards of background fabrics. I used Grunge Basics by Basic Grey for Moda
  • Creative grid Spider Web Ruler
  • Omnigrid 20.5 square-up ruler (optional) . Any other ruler to cut squares this big would work too.
Cutting your background squares:
  • From the background fabric cut 4 20.5inch squares

20.5 inch background square
    Background sub-cut into triangles
  • Sub-cut each 2 times diagonally to make four 45degree triangles
Spider Web triangles:
For each block we will be using one large triangle and 1 small triangle to form 2 different spider webs.
  • Piece 5 jelly rolls together to form the larger strip set.
  • Using the spider web ruler cut the large triangles. We're using 9 marked on the side of the ruler  or use the tip of the ruler aligned as shown below. These are slightly bigger triangles than we needed. But this gives us some room for trimming later to the desired size.

You should now have 8 triangles with black as the base and 8 triangles with purple as the base.
Repeat the same for smaller triangle using the 3 jelly roll strip set. This will be used for the smaller spider web.
Cut Smaller triangle with 3 jelly roll strip set
Total 16

Marking the background triangles:

We will be using the 9 1/2" or 7 3/4" marking of the ruler to mark larger side of the wonky kite shape:

Now align the line marked 3 on the ruler with the base of the triangle. Slide it until the other corner which reads 7 1/2 matches the edge of the background triangle. This will be the marking for our smaller triangles.

Sew the larger triangles(5 jelly rolls pieced together) onto the background triangle by aligning the raw edge with the line we marked. You can chain piece these.
Repeat the process for the smaller triangles.

Align the ruler on the smaller triangle so that the edges of the ruler match the edges of the background triangle and the tip of ruler is aligned with the tip of the pieced triangle.

Trim the excess fabric on the side

 Repeat the same for other side of the triangle.

Excess fabric trimmed

Trim the excess background triangle

Repeat on the other side

Once all the triangle blocks are trimmed arrange them as desired. In each of the square I have 2 large triangles with black as the outer ring and 2 with purple as the other ring.

Once your happy with the layout start sewing the squares together. Pin the outer rings first align the seams and then pin the rest of the seams. The bias edge does have little bit room for fudging if your seams don't match. Just don't pull them too hard, just a little nudge if the seams don't match. As you put the blocks together Press all seams open.

Pin the outermost ring first and then align the rest

Press Seams open

Pin the outermost rings of the smaller spider web

Trim off any excess seam. If your marking,cutting &piecing was perfect you can skip this step.

Spider Web bock
 You need at least 4 blocks to start seeing the one complete spider web.

All seams are pressed open

All blocks sewn together

Now sew the rows together

Pin the rows before sewing them; again align the outermost ring
Cute and Spooky Spider Web Quilt
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please leave any feedback you might have.
I hope you will try this and if you do please add it to my flickr group:

Liz@ Bits N Pieces carries these Creative Grid spider web ruler get them before they're all gone.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday(or Thursday ;) - Another Spider Web quilt

Last Saturday I did a demo of Cute and spooky spider web quilt @Bits N Pieces. Janessa and Pat picked the fabrics, aren't these so cute and spooky too? Check them out:

I was super excited when I saw the Creative Grids Spider Web ruler which not only makes the marking and trimming the blocks a breeze but also helps to cut the triangles for Spider Web legs. Liz @ Bits N Pieces carries these in the shop. Get yours before its all gone.

Since the time I brought home the Spider Web ruler, my brain has been spinning with ideas to use the ruler to simplify my original Cute and Spooky Spider web quilt tutorial.

I will be back later today with the updated tutorial, if you're looking for a fun Halloween project.
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