Friday, November 30, 2012

Sewcalgal's FMQ Challenge - November

This months tutorial is by Sarah Vedeler on swrils one of my favorite FMQ designs. Her swrils were deeper and perfect for any border.
I used this for the outer border on the pillow I'm making. This is  18x 18 pillow sham for my
for the baby quilt I made in August.
Here is my practice for this month.

Spiral FMQ design by Sarah Vedeler
Spiral FMQ closeup

I got to hurry up on the final quilt with all the challenge FMQs soon. Just waiting for tomorrow to see whats in store for December.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear quilting friends, its been an awesome year sharing my quilting journey with all of you. Its such a special thing to be able to share with wonderful hobby with all you and learning from each other. I can't be more thank you for having such a great community.

You all hold a special place in my heart.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, November 16, 2012

BMQG Precious/WIP Challenge - Confessions of a Fabricholic

I have been craving for some piecing this past week. Last few weeks I have been spending a lot of time quilting and binding. So, I had to start another new project with Moda's Little Black dress mini charm pack. As if I didn't have enough UFOs :P

I am making Elizabeth Hartman's Pod quilt from the craftsy class: Inspired Modern Quilts. She is an amazing teacher and love all her quilt designs.

I do have plans of making some mini quilts with these other mini charm packs. These are 2.5" squares and are so adorable. Aren't these cute little things?

Hmmm gear up for this picture heavy post.
Now, coming to the Precious/WIP Challenge. To read more about it check out BMQG webiste for Precious/WIP Challenge. I think all the fabrics I own are my precious little bundles. But here are my most favorite ones which I want the quilts in the coming year,2013:

1. Spot's favorite color: 

I bought this last year and since added Good night Spot fabrics to the stack, both by Andover fabrics. This is definitely I precious which I need to cut into.

2. Frogs by Andover Fabrics

Frogs by Andover Fabrics

3. Fox Trails by Riley Blake designs

3. Fox Trails by Riley Blake Designs

4. Oops a Daisy by Moda

I have ton of fabrics in this line to make the entire bedroom set starting from King/Queen size quilt, baby quilt, window curtains, pillows, pillow shams etc. 


5. Lost and Found by Riley Blake designs

6. Apple of My Eye by Riley Blake desings - a queen size quilt probably. Haven't decided yet

7. 10 little things by Moda

8. Grow with Me by Deb Strain

9. Peak Hour by Riley Blake designs 

10. Puppy park by Riley Blake designs 

11. Fly away by Robert Kaufman

12. Black/White quilt - Half Moon Modern by Moda and couple of Tuxedo by Riley Blake Designs

Book Quilts:

Also for next year wanted to make few(2-3) book quilts from:
  1. Pixel Play by Emily Cier
  2. Hexa go go by Tacha Bruecher
  3. Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman

So, these are a lot of quilts to make in the next 13 months. So, I hoping that I can at least complete 4 - 5 new quilts by end of April 2013 to participate in the Precious/WIP Challenge. At least 12 quilts by end of December 2013. I know its a big leap but this is the challenge I'm setting for myself.

Also I need to wrap-up the following UFOs:

  1. Xs and Os quilt
  2. Groovy quilt
  3. Apple Core quilt 
  4. Indian Summer baby quilt
  5. Mini Hexies garden quilt

This post was really overwhelming for me just putting together all the fabrics I have in one place. I have come to a big realization(which I kind of knew), I don't need any more fabrics before I complete all of these quilts. So, I better stop buying fabrics now, before our guest bedroom looks like a little fabric shop ;). I bet my DH already thinks it is one ;).

P.S. this is just a small list, I have more fabric ;) to make complete quilts ;)....ha...ha..

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quilting the Groovy Quilt - And a Win :-)

Alyssa @ PileOFabric has been an awesome host hosting the Totally Groovy Quilt Along. I really enjoyed making the quilt. The curves was the big challenge for me and the tutorials provided by Emily Cier and Kate Conklin were very helpful. And guess what? I won the Raffle for the Totally Groovy Quilt Along. YAHOO!
I never win anything, so this was great! More fabrics to buy ;).

I want my Groovy quilt to be all about the Free motion quilting. Because its not that often I have solids/monochromatic prints in my quilts. So, I choose five different FMQ design for this quilt top. One for each color.
Groovy Quilt's FMQ designs

1. Coral - Flower design from Angela Walter's "Free Motion Quilting" book. I really had fun quilting this. But it took be 6 hours just to get through this color in my quilt. Imagine when I will be able to finish my quilt.

Angela's Flower FMQ design

2. Grey - Escargot from Leah Day's 365+ FMQ designs. She also teaches this @ her Craftsy class. Initially I wanted to quilt pebbles here. This was a fun variation of this. No thread or needle issues through this one. Yippee!
Leah's Escargot FMQ design

3. Raspberry - Angela's signature design from YouTube video. Boy this was tough since I didn't really practice doodling on paper. I always find a design easier if I had practiced it on paper before trying on the actually quilt. I guess its the muscle memory thing.
Swirls and Paisley design from Angela Walter
4. Boysenberry - I always wanted to quilt Angela's flowing feathers which you would have seen in many of her quilts. But this seems to be more for Long Arm quilter. I did have difficulty quilting this design especially maneuvering the quilt seemed really hard. And broke my needle at least 2 or 3 times. I am doing something wrong when I'm pulling the fabric towards me while free motion quilting.

Flowing Plume Feather and Swrils&Paisley FMQ designs

5. Pink - I choose another Angela's signature Quilting designs. I got started and my needle broke and I gave up for now.
Quilt Back

Have any of you had needle breaking issue? I use either 90/14(for 40wt thread) or 80/12(for #50wt thread) top-stitch needle from Superior threads. I bet these are some really high quality needles. But it keeps breaking for me every time I pick up my pace with FMQ. I am not so happy with the threading system in my Singer Stylist 9960 DSM either, wondering if the needle is breaking due to thread jamming or am I trying to tug too much :-(.

Someday I will get a new machine where my FMQ can go really smoothly with any thread or needle breaking issue. Just dreaming about it for now.

The most fun FMQ designs to quilt were the Flower and Escargot.
Meanwhile, still have another 20hours of quilting on this puppy.

Happy Quilting!

UFO Sunday with Leah Day - X's n O's quilt

Okay for the last couple of week I have been working on X's and O's quilt. I choose the Angela Walters Plume Feather for the center squares or X's. And not sure what to do with the white diamonds, just stitched in the ditch. I didn't want to use the dark thread on the white background for quilting.

The inner border is again a problem area, which I am still evaluating on which FMQ design might work. I have two different thoughts about it:
1. Wood grain FMQ
2. Just straight line quilting echoing the triangles which are formed against the inner border.
Plume Feather FMQ Closeup
So for now, I stitched in the ditch around the inner border. For the order border I choose the Flower design from Angela's first book "FMQ with Angela walters". I used the same design in my groovy Quilt too. And absolutely love the texture.
Modern Flower FMQ design

The Plume Feathers looks lovely from the back. First I was stiching in the ditch around the X blocks, but that  took away the beauty of the Plume Feather. So, I skipped doing that.

I used So Fine#50 Dark green thread, this thread does blend beautifully, but for some reason my machine didn't like it :-(. Had lot of thread issues. So, for Sulky 40wt Rayon threads works well with my sewing machine. I have tried quite a few different brands of thread both cotton and polyester but this is the one which works for me. But from time to time I get tempted to try something new ;).

Now on to my next post about my Groovy Quilt.