Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge Radiant Orchid - I won!

Its been an awesome quilty day for me today :-). First I saw this beautiful pincushion all the way from Norway in the mail from Anita@ Quilt in a not-shell

Cute little it pin cushion -from Anita in Norway!
My husband was like you got a mail from Norway. You could see a big smile beaming on my face :-). It was pretty special! Handmade things always stay close to my heart.
Isn't that label with the kitty so cute too!
Couple of hours later I got an email from Adrianne @ On the Windy Side that I won 2nd prize on the "2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge - Radiant Orchid" for "Quilt top" category. Isn't that awesome!
StarBurst Quilt Top - 2nd prize in the quilt top category
I might change the name by the time this quilt is done though ;).
This has been my favorite quilty day ever!

Happy Quilting All!
Hema (a.k.a Malini)
P.S: I promise next time you hear from me about this quilt, the quilt will be all finished with binding ;). 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fabric Frenzy - March Madness

Wow! just when I thought my fabric buying was under control this happened. With so many wonderful fabrics lines coming out every day, I just couldn't resist these buys at the wonderful Bits N Pieces, Liz @Bits N Pieces had some awesome sales which I couldn't resist.

First comes my most favorite fabrics right now, Sphere by Zen Chic:
Moda Sphere by Zen Chic
Next is April Showers by Bonnie and Camille, I wasn't planning to buy these but when I saw these at the store just couldn't resis:

April Showers

Last but not least is my another favorite - Hello Petal by Aneela Hoey, looks this is going to be year of purples:
Hello Petal
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Fort Worth Fabric Studio Blog
stitch by stitch

Happy Quilting!
(a.k.a Malini)

Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge Radiant Orchid - StarBurst Quilt Top

My quilt top entry for 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge is my Star Burst Quilt Pattern. I was hoping to finish the binding for the challenge but lately its become very hard to find time for sewing.

Here are pictures of my quilt top:
Star Burst Quilt Top - Take in February
Star Burst Quilt Front - showing the outline quilting

Star Burst Quilt Back - Hello Petal kids playing fabric
Quilt Statistics:
Dimensions:48 x 64 inches
Fabrics for the front: - different shades of Kona Cotton purples/violets including Orchid
Backing fabric: - Hello Petal
Background fabric: - Kona Cotton (Light to Dark) - Silver, Ash,
Iron, Medium Gray, Steel, Coal, Charcoal and Pepper
Thread: Sulky 40wt thread for front and King tut variegated thread
Category: Just the Top

Now entering into the "Just the Top" category of Radiant Orchid 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

W.I.P. Wednesday - Quilting the stars

Last Sunday finally I got the outline quilting done for my Star Quilt.
Just outline quilting using ruler on long arm

Love the cross block

Hello Petal Kids playing on the back
I still feel these stars need little bit of pop. Hmmm... something is missing.  May be I might add a border. I just can't let anything go.....I right I feel like Bob Ross(Create Channel on PBS) ;).
Do you think  border would give a pop to the stars?

Before you go a sneak peak of my recently acquired stash, Moda's Hello Petal FQs from Bits N Pieces. Now I know why they call "March Madness"...
Hello Petal by Aneela Hoey
Aneela Hoey on her blog has tons of great pictures of the fabrics and projects made from Hello Petal. I just love everything she designs.

Come back later to see more of recent buys ;). Why bother to take any fabric resolution ;)

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Anything goes Monday - Painting after 16 years

This past Monday I went for Paint Nite with my friend Bala. She is an amazing artist and you can check out her facebook page: Bala's Kalai Oviyam.

It was girls night out after a long long time and we had lot of fun.
Here are some pictures:
Paint Nite - Japanese Cherry Blossom
Bala Painting

Hema Painting
Showing off our paintings together :-):
Bala(left), Hema(right)
I see more painting in the future :-)
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Happy Painting!
(a.k.a Malini)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

30/30 Sewing Challenge - Week2 The beast is out

I have to admit setting aside 30 minutes of sewing time every day for ourselves seems so hard. I did have some starting trouble but once I setup by machine for free motion quilting I was able to spend anywhere from 30mins to an hour each day.

Groovy quilt - 80 x 80 inches
As soon as I started quilting this Groovy quilt, the flash back on why it went into the  UFO was fresh in my mind. I know once this quilt is done I would absolutely love it. But my choices for this quilt made it a beast for my DSM with small throat space:
1. the size 80x 80
2. FMQ different designs for each color and pretty dense actually.
3. Wool batting
4. Trying to be perfect, but I did give up on this

This is what I have got done so far after a total of 4 to 5 hours of quilting. So, you can imagine why I call this quilt a beast.
Quilting on the Pink blocks - this one had some hiccups since I was quilting this after a while
Quilting on the Pink blocks - this one did come close to what I had in mind
Plans for next week, I am hoping that I can get the smaller of the two pink blocks below done.
TO BE QUILTED - Pink Groovy to be quilted for next week
TO BE QUILTED - This one probably the week after that
Looks like it would be great even if I can just get the pink areas done by end of the month. That seems like a more realistic plan.

Now linking up to week 2 of 30/30 Sewing Challenge @ Berry Barn Designs.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

W.I.P. Wednesday - Texture solids quilt

I am really excited to get this far. This quilt has been the longest time I quilted on the long arm. 3 trips to Bits N Pieces, each consisting of 3~ hours at a time. So total of 9 to 10 hours of quilting. Lot of firsts in this quilt. The quilting is 1/2inch apart and I used the rulers for all the colored area in the quilt except for light blue block which I quilted at home on the HSM/DSM. For the white background, I just winged it and did free motion quilting square spirals design. It just seemed easier to do that in the beginner before getting comfortable with the long-arm ruler and its faster too ;).

Here are some pictures of the quilt.
Textured Solid Quilt - thinking of renaming to "Color Splash"

The original quilt pattern from Quilting Modern book was called "Shattered" and Jacquie mentioned that she was upset about an incident and wanted to create a quilt. Whereas my inspiration of this quilt was on a happy note. Hence, naming it as "Color Splash". Any other names you can think of?
Next get the binding on and get it ready for showcasing :-). I am absolutely thrilled with this quilt. Love every single aspect of this quilt.

The fabrics and quilting was sponsored by Bits N Pieces . So, if you happen to be shopping there you might get to see it displayed hopefully in April :-). I am so excited.

Now linking up to Lee's Freshly Pieced blog.

Happy Quilting!
(a.k.a Malini)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Think Ruffles Day1 - Kona White Ruffled pillow

I welcome you all to Day1 of Think Ruffles blog hop organized by amazing Mdm Sam @SewWeQuilt and our amazing cheer leader Amy @SewIncrediblyCrazy blog. I wanted to thank both Mdm Sam and Amy for this wonderful blog hop.

Now peak at my project, a ruffled pillow with zipper.
I have been wanting to make ruffles for a while and had one particular pillow in mind, V & Co's white ruffle pillow. I made mine with white Kona Cotton. The strips for the ruffles are 1.5inches. The finished pillow cover is 12"x18".

Kona Honey Buns - 1.5inch strips

My Little Quilty Model


This time around I even got to add a zipper. Yay for me! I saw this video on zipper and it just made it so much more simpler to add a zipper to any project.
Invisible Zipper

Ruffles posing for camera

Oh My, these ruffles are addictive

Do you see the snow outside the window?

Ruffles smiling for the camera - isn't that too bright ;) ?

This was a super fun project and I already got another request for ruffles from my daughter, she wants a white skirt for the summer. Exactly same ruffles :-)

Here is the schedule for today. I hope you enjoy seeing on these wonderful ruffles projects.

March 5th

NewFO Challenge - Riley Blake Challenge

February is a very sad month for me. Life always happens and my quilting stuff comes to a halt. But I did manage to start and almost get done this Riley Blake Designs(RBD) challenge by MQG. We were given 5 different basics from RBD and I choose to use just the blues and yellows.

Here is my mini quilt approximately 24 x 36 inches.
Riley Blake Challenge quilt
I always get stuck with big projects and elaborate quilting. I just wanted to keep my quilting really simple and used my walking foot and one of the wavy or curly designs from my sewing machine. These really look like clouds. I think I will be exploring more of designs on my machine using walking foot. Once in a while, its nice to take a break from free-motion quilting.

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

30/30 Sewing Challenge Goals - Groovy quilt

My longest UFO is the quilt I made for myself in Fall of 2012 which is still incomplete after almost 1.5 years. I think my worry point was that I had already spent 15hours of quilting and didn't get much done. Looking back how many more hours of quilting I had to put in this quilt, this went into my UFO bucket. Here is a post from a year ago when I did some feathers on this. I still have lot of quilting to be done, I think about 6 colors I completed one color(orange) and 1 is almost there(gray). Some FMQ feathers on the boyensberry color like the one below:

So, my groovy quilt is going to wake-up from my UFO and get done this month. I am hoping to spend 30mins at least each day on this until this 80x80 inches quilt top is done.

Linking up to Berry Barn Designs for 30/30 sewing challenge- week1.