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Wonderland Blog Tour - Fall Maxi Knit Dress

Thank you Katarina Roccella and Art Gallery fabrics for letting me participate in the blog tour. I made a simple fall maxi dress, as per my daughter's preference. I hope you like it. Happy Sewing! Hema

AGF Wonderland fabrics Blog Tour

Katarina Roccella is my favorite fabric designer, I fell in love with her fabric when her debut collections Indelible and ever since love all her work. Her Wonderland fabrics are so dreamy, I just can't stop dreamy about them. I so grateful that Katarina has asked me to take part in her Wonderland blog tour. Please visit the links below to see all beautiful projects made from Wonderland fabrics: 1. ERICA TOOLE - October 5th 2. LAURA SCARAMELLA of SIMPLE LIFE COMPANY – October 6th 3. DANA BOLYARD - October 7th 4. RACHAEL GANDER - October 8th 5. HEATHER and MEG of QUILT STORY - October 9th 6. JOELLEN KEMPER of SEW ILLUMINATED - October 10th 7. STACY BARRETT of a VINTAGE FAIRYTALE - October 11th 8. ERICA JACKMAN - October 12th 9. KATHLEEN RIGGINS - October 13th 10. LYNNE GOLDSWORTHY - October 14th 11. SVETLANA SOTAK - October 15th 12. KYLIE KELSHEIMER of SEW KYLIE - October 16th 13. ALEXIS WRIGHT of MY SWEET SUNSHINE - October 17th 14. MICHELL