Boot Camp Sunday March - Wonky Log Cabin

February was extremely busy and couldn't find much sewing time to post my FMQ lessons. I will be posting them soon. Also trying to make a video tutorials is little harder than I thought, with the time limits on the YouTube and not having proper software to fine tune the tutorial. So, will do a combined one next week for February and March.

Now getting to this month's block tutorial.

First start with the center piece. Any square or rectangle is good. No worries if its not perfect square, the wonkier the better.

3 to 4 inch piece of fabric

Another 3 to 4 inch piece of focus fabric

Now align the ruler with your wonky cut and trim the excess from the strip your going to add.

Aligning for wonky cut to the strip
  I decided to press the seams open for this project. Since the strip being added to the blocks are wonky I want the block to lay flat and pressing seams open does help with that.

First strip added and pressed open
Trim the excess fabric off. 

After trimming the excess fabric
  Now add a ring of neutral fabric of your choice. I choose to go with white for my blocks.

Neutral fabric strip added to all sides of the block

Before adding the second round of strips. I added another focus fabric to the strip I am going to add. Then added the strip to one side. Please follow the how to align your next strip and trimming from previous step.

Trim off excess fabric from the side
 Second round of ring of strips all done.

Now before adding the 3rd round of strip, I decide to add another small piece of the focus fabric to my strip. You can choose to skip this and don't have to include this in every ring of strips you add. But this does add an interest to your blocks.

Add this piece to to the strip you are going to add to the block. And then added another strip of neutral(white) fabric to the side.

Now finishing off my strips of red all around the block.
Wonky Log Cabin Block
If am making a quilt/pillow with this block I would added my neutral fabric all around the block to give the illusion that the block is floating in the quilt. Trim to the desired size after adding the neutral fabric. The inspiration for this block was Elizabeth Hartman's Inspired Modern Quilts craftsy class.

This is such a fun and easy improvisational piecing technique. You design your block as you go. And no two blocks are alike.

I hope you get to make one of these and enjoy the process. 
Next week I will be back with FMQ tutorial for February and March.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Your fabric choices are awesome!!! Not only are they so cheerful and bright but they have the "I Spy" characteristic that I so love. Will have to take time to "play" today! Thanks for sharing.....hugs, D

    1. Thank you, Doreen! It was fun to make. I am trying to limit myself to making a pillow, but really tempted to making a baby quilt.

      Can't wait to see your wonky log cabin.

  2. So fun!!! I love this technique as a way to use all those cute novelty prints where the motifs aren't necessarily the same size... Fabulous:-)

    1. Thank you! Yes, that would make a great fabric selection.
      This was lot of fun. Can't wait to see your wonky log cabin.


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