UFO Sunday with Leah Day - FMQ on X's and O's quilt

This week I made some progress with the FMQ design on the X's and O's quilt. My toughtest decision was what thread color to use. I tried two different thread colors: Dark gray and Dark Green. Both the thread color blended pretty well with most of the fabric. 
I planned to do the Plume Feather FMQ on the print fabric and probably just to stitich-in-the-ditch for the diamonds. I hate to change threads often and the darker thread which I choose for my print fabric won't look good on the white diamonds. 

Here are some pcitures of my Angela Walters's Plume Feather FMQ:

Closeup of the Plume Feather FMQ

Front of the Quilt - Plume Feather FMQ

Back of the Quilt - Plume Feather FMQ 

Leah I hope its not too late to ask a question. So, here I go:
1. For a busy quilt how to do choose the thread color, if you're going for a look that blends well with the fabric?
2. Also if you were to quilt this one would stop and use a different thread color for the white diamonds.

Thanks again for answering all our questions.


  1. Love the "plume feather"! Thread color is always such a major consideration for me, also! I have gotten past the notion that it must be a fairly close match to the backing AND the top. I focus on the top only and have been happy. There are those projects that end up requiring a thread change more often than I would have wished but in the end I was thankful I did the changes. But not always. Sometimes I go the "middle of the road" route with a more neutral color. Sorry, not much help here!!!!

    1. Thank you, Doreen. I do like the look and texture of this on the grey and green fabric. But the it does show up on the mustard and pink fabric. May be I just need to do my FMQ carefully there ;)

  2. Hey great job!! I like what you have done. Your thread choice has worked well. Have you ever considered variegated threads for busy fabrics? Sometimes they work perfect.

    1. Thank you! Have to try the variegated thread sometime.
      But its another experiment though.

  3. The plume feathers look so great on your quilt. I like using variegated threads when I want some overall blending but then if you can't see the pretty design why quilt it. Lovely work.

    1. Thank you!
      I have used variegated thread only once. But as far I remember it took a while to get my stitches perfect with it.
      So, true its always fun to see our design too.

  4. This is really turning out beautifully! Your quilted feathers are perfection!

    1. Thank you,Danielle. I guess a lot of doodling on the paper helped ;).


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