Leah's UFO Days - Apple Core Quilt

I'm so glad that Leah Day from Free Motion Quilting Project started these UFO Sundays. Just couple of weeks back I started working on my UFOs and this is so awesome that I get have company now. And thanks to Leah for all the wonderful tips and reading my mind ;).

When I started working on this Apple Core quilt for my daughter, she still wasn't aware of quilts. So, she would call this her apple blanket. Just a little background on why this quilt when into UFO state. When I started this quilt I was so excited after watching Jenny's tutorial in YouTube.
The fabric line I'm using is Little Apples by Aneela Hoey. Perfect harmony right, what could go wrong. Back in December 2011 when I started working on this project I didnt have a 1/4inch quilting foot and I started the apple core curved piecing on the machine and found it very difficult and out of control. Felt like hand piecing would go much faster. But the whole concept of hand piecing just felt like its going to take a long time. So, this project went to the back burner or should I say came to a complete hault.

I took this project up again when I joined the BMQG in late July and wanted some hand work to do during out monthly meeting. This just turned out to be perfect and realized that it doesnt take that much time to do 1 row. Probably I would say about an hour or so.

So, in the last month I have got 3 more rows together. Yippee!! So total 8 rows are done so far, just 3 more to go.
I'm planning to do a 11 rows and 9 across in red and green. And then an inner border either an 1/2 apple core or 1 1/2 apple core on all sides in red on white fabric. And outer border probably in another white print.

Here are my rows so far:


  1. Perfect fabrics for this quilt. You certainly have the apple core under control now.

  2. I actually hand pieced the rows to a apple core quilt this summer. Putting together the single pieces into rows was a really nice hand project, but putting the rows together worked better on the machine. It's perfectly fine to mix techniques so long as the 1/4" seam allowance stays the same!



    1. Leah you're so right. I believe when I first attempted at machine piecing apple core I didn't have 1/4" foot. I recently tried curved piecing with 1/4" foot, it does make piecing curves a little easier.

      I was hoping to machine piece the rows. Will post how it went ;).

      Yes, hand piecing these apple core is fun. Especially when you're out on sew-in.

  3. This is a delightful quilt. I am delighted with Leah's permission to mix hand work with machine work. I now know what my next UFO project will be. (We probably don't really need Leah's permission, but its nice to have.)

    1. Thank you, Joni! Its always fun to know Leah point of view :-).
      I'm going to mix and match too.

  4. What a cute quilt! I would love to try apple cores someday:)

    1. Thank you, Danielle!
      Here is where I got my Apple Core template from:

      Sometimes they have these on special price through their daily deal, which covers for shipping ;).


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