My First Business order - Quilters Dream Batting

My first business order will be here sometime Monday afternoon.
Here is the list of products and prices if you are interested in ordering. I will be updating my Etsy shop Monday with the listing, (click on the Shop menu from the blog) after I receive the order.

Shipping for batting will be same as the actual cost. Introductory prices will be 20% off of original price, to celebrate Mothers day. The prices will go back up to regular on 5/18/2014 midnight. My shipping estimates are $8 - $10 for Twin Size batting and from there to Queen size batting $15.00 each. I know this seems pretty high and I am exploring options for more cost effective shipping. Will keep you all posted.

Twin Size( 93" x 72") batting, the prices listed below are original price without shipping charges:
  • Dream Cotton White - Request Loft  - $20.00
  • Dream Cotton Natural - Select Loft   - $20.50
  • Dream Poly - Select Loft                      - $15.20
  • Dream Midnight Poly - Select Loft      - $19.00
  • Dream Green - Select Loft                    - $14.50
  • Dream Blend - Select Loft                    - $20.80
  • Dream Angel - Select Loft                    - $28.00
  • Dream Orient - Select Loft                    - $28.00
  • Dream Fusion - Cotton Select Loft        - $22.00
  • Dream Fusion - Poly Select Loft            -  $17.80
I will also have yardage available for Dream Orient( 93" width). Minimum order will be half yard, I am thinking of fat half (  46 x 36 inches). This would be perfect for experimenting a new batting or a baby quilt. Price $14.00/yard. So, baby size ( 46 x 36) would just $7.00.

Dream Orient Batting

 East meets West in this Luxurious Blend of Silk, Bamboo, Botanic Tencel and Cotton.
For more information, click here.

If you need anything else, I would be happy to do a special order. If you pay during the Mother's day sale week, you can still get 20% off your batting order. You can either Convo me through Etsy or leave me a message here for custom listing(make sure I can reply back to you from the comments section). If you're local, I can bring your order to one of the BMQG meetings. So, its like you're getting free shipping :-) on top of 20% off.

Happy Shopping!
(a.k.a Malini)


  1. You are one busy gal!!!! Quilter's Dream batting is truly awesome to quilt!!! Wishing you the best!!!! Hugs.............


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