Aurifil Threads Nuetral stash - Massdrop

Hi found this deal through Missouri Mel's blog and looks like its still on:
$45.99 for the above set @ Massdrop - the cutter is not included(updated)
 The price per spool comes down to $7.67 + there is a thread cutter too. You can join in if you would like.
I am not sure how exactly it works but this is the link which I got when I clicked the option to forward it to friends:

Will keep you posted if I got it :-)

Happy Thread stash building!
P.S. I will be back on Monday with some exciting news. Stay tuned!


  1. Nice find - looks like the thread snipper was just in the photo as a prop cause the comments say it's not included but that's still a great price for the thread alone. I just joined and bought in too.

    BTW those Ginger thread snippers are fantastic. I have a pair at home and I don't know how I lived without them before. The safety cap lets me throw em in my pocket and bring them between the sewing machine, ironing board and the cutting/basting table to precisely trim any threads. Along with my Olfa deluxe rotary cutter these are one of my "Can't Quilt Without" tools!


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