Triangle Quilt Along @TheSassyQuilter - Week2

I have been wanting to make the triangle quilt for more than a year now. When I saw the Triangle Quilt along while reading one of the blogs. I had just jump in, I know I am starting yet another project. But couldn't resist with all the cute fabrics I acquired in the last few months.

My fabric choice:
Catnap and My little Kitten
Still thinking should i combine these two fabric lines. What do you think?

My little Kitten all cut up. I got these almost an year ago @ Bits N Pieces

I am still cutting the triangles, I will upload more pictures as soon as I have the rest of them all cut.

The Sassy Quilter

Happy Quilting!
(a.k.a Malini)


  1. Great colors!

    Tip: Make sure you use the same ruler to cut all of your triangles. I once cut a triangle quilt using two different rulers and nothing would line up.

  2. I am also participating in the Triangle Quilt Along, but I am behind on cutting my triangles. I feel like I have been cutting triangles for days. (haha) Your fabrics look great! -Brittany

  3. These are going to be so pretty! Love the kittens and butterfly fabrics you chose, Malini. Glad you are quilting along!


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