Design Floor & Terrible Two's

Once upon a time I used to get some sewing done during the day. But my sweet little toddler sometimes has his terrible two moments. This is what happens if I let him in my sewing studio with my design floor.
Design Floor - Tornado in my Sewing Studio

I think its high time I setup that design wall for which I had bought the Insulation foam almost an year ago ;). Hmmm my good old sewing days are gone :(.

Happy Quilting!
(a.k.a Malini)


  1. I feel for you - this happens with my 3 yr old all the time! I pine for a design wall - sounds like a good spring project :)

  2. Wait til he can rearrange your design wall about 8. My grandson thought he was being funny.

  3. Ooops, perhaps he had a different vision for your quilt:-)


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