W.I.P. Wednesday - Quilting the stars

Last Sunday finally I got the outline quilting done for my Star Quilt.
Just outline quilting using ruler on long arm

Love the cross block

Hello Petal Kids playing on the back
I still feel these stars need little bit of pop. Hmmm... something is missing.  May be I might add a border. I just can't let anything go.....I right I feel like Bob Ross(Create Channel on PBS) ;).
Do you think  border would give a pop to the stars?

Before you go a sneak peak of my recently acquired stash, Moda's Hello Petal FQs from Bits N Pieces. Now I know why they call "March Madness"...
Hello Petal by Aneela Hoey
Aneela Hoey on her blog has tons of great pictures of the fabrics and projects made from Hello Petal. I just love everything she designs.

Come back later to see more of recent buys ;). Why bother to take any fabric resolution ;)

Linking up to Lee's Freshly Pieced blog.


  1. Just gorgeous - totally agree on it's a futile effort on any fabric resolution! What a fun blog!

  2. Lovely quilt and quilting. I so wish I had a long arm. Oh well, I will just have to keep quilting on my Bernina.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my red/white quilt design. I will watch for your email.

  4. The stars are stunning. I love that cross block made by the negative space too!

  5. The stars quilt is gorgeous. Are you going to finish in time for the Pantone challenge? Bits N Pieces got Hello Petal?! I miss that store already - I bought a full FQ pack because I couldn't resist. Charlotte loves it too. I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

  6. I love your stars quilt! I actually love the fact that is is on the simple side--those stars pop on their own! I love your reference to Bob Ross--totally made me chuckle! Whatever you decide to do-I think it will be lovely!

    Would love for you to stop by tomorrow and link this up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday

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