FMQ Friday - Feather Frenzy

The past week I headed over to my LQS to finish up the quilting on my Blind Co-pilot quilt, blogged here:
Well I was trying to keep this a secret from my DH and surprise him once I was done. Well, I took the baby with him and somehow managed to quilt little over half of the quilt(quilt measures 62x77inches): 

Blind Co-pilot quilted on the long arm
 It was so weird, because I decided that I will directly practice on this quilt and boy that Long Arm machine had its own plan for the quilting. My designs oriented to be most straight....curves were all gone until after an hour or so.

You can see the flower FMQ design and all squares around it

Finally was getting into rhythm and had to leave

Hmmm....well I didn't get to finish the quilting for before our BMQG Feb16th deadline for Madrona Road Challenge and now I am finishing up this on my DSM.
You can see my curves are looking much better.

I think I have the feather bug again and going to quilt different feathers in the block centers and then keep the quilting simple on the triangles with just simple curves and SID.

Now linking it up with Leah Day's FMQ Fridays.


  1. Your feathers are fabulous!!! FMQ on the longarm is definitely different than on your DSM... something new to practice:-)

  2. Good Job on your quilting. I like how you changed stitching patterns for the different areas.

  3. very interesting quilt. You do a lovely job. Thanks for sharing. I don't understand the Letters?????? Can you explain?

  4. Quilters definitely have their own shorthand! LQS=Local Quilt Shop DSH=Dear Sweet Husband(?) FMQ=Free Motion Quilting BMQG=Block of the Month Quilt Group(?) DSM=Domestic Sewing Machine SID=Stitch in the Ditch Love the quilting (of course, I am a "feather fanatic", too!). Lovely!!! Hugs, Doreen

  5. Love your big flower and your feathers.

  6. Wow! What beautiful quilting Malini! I'm so glad you were able to quilt a bit on a longarm. I have played with a few different models, and certainly admire their speed and ease of use. Let us know how it goes to quilt part way on a longarm and finish up on a DSM.


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