Every quilter will love this one

I saw this e-card at Bonnie K. Hunter's blog and thought that every quilter will appreciate this one ;).

I know how many pending mending project I still have ;). Some of them may take only 5 mins, yet I can't get to them :D. My non-quilter friends/family never understand why ?

Happy Quilting!


  1. Haha - too cute! I tend to wait until I have enough mending to last me the length of a movie or so and then I do it all at once so it feels 'worth it'. I do the same with the clothing-to-iron and -to-steam piles. I love ironing fabric for quilting but hate ironing clothes unless I'm pressing newly sewn seams…. It's also why chefs have sous chefs who do all their prep work. I would be more ambitious as a cook if someone chopped all my veggies for me. lol.

    1. So, that a good idea. I know my husband say I do anything for quilting but not otherwise. I don't like taking pictures. But for my quilts I will get to all technical details to take the picture or video ;). I love being a Chef too over sous ;).

  2. So true!!! I have a strict no "domestic sewing" policy:-)

  3. Same here, but these days Bill has been doing 98% of the household chores while I delve into my quilting projects, so last night I actually hand mended his socks last night!

  4. Love the cartoon!! I hate mending!! My girls have waited years for some things to get done!! :-P


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