2013 Quilting Boot Camp

I am really excited to announce that I will be hosting Quilting Boot camp right here on this blog for 2013.

Just a little background about me. I got into quilting when I was pregnant with my second baby (my son) the summer of 2011. I made 2 baby quilts, a car seat and a stroller cover in 2011. And got totally hooked into quilting. In 2012 I have spent accumulating 100s of yards of fabric dreaming of turning them into quilts. I have so many ideas and techniques which I want to try out and share my experience. I want to put my thoughts into action and wanted to start this boot camp. If you're like me eager to make lots of lots of quilts (at least 12 quilts in 2013) or want to get into quilting this boot camp is perfect for you.

The only requirement is that you should be able to stitch a straight line or come up to speed on your sewing skills. Just to take the pressure off of making 12 quilts in this new year. There is no size limits for your quilted projects. You choose the size of the quilt/pillow/bag you want to make. 

Each month we will be making a quilt start to finish. The posts will be bi-monthly:
1. First Sunday of the month I will be sharing Tools, Techniques and Supplies for making your quilt top.
2. Third Sunday of the month I will be sharing tips on quilting. In January we will use your regular sewing foot to quilt the top and starting February we will branch into free-motion quilting. 

What could be better than you joining me for this fun and speedy ride of quilt making?

If would like to join for this fun boot camp, please leave me a comment here. 
Just to give you an some idea on what to expect, here are some example below showing highlights for first 3 months:
January - Quilting basics
February - Coin Quilts
March - Tube Quilting

More information to come soon.

If you would like to participate and spread the word, please grab this button by copying the code below and make a HTML/Javascript button on your blog page.



  1. I love your idea of Boot Camp Sundays. While my schedule won't allow me to participate in every one, I'm really looking forward to this. And, I love your badge for this event. Makes me think of climbing to reach a milestone in quilting.


  2. Thank you, SewCalGal!
    I do feel that I am being very ambitious this year. But I have no size limit for the quilts we make, this would enable everyone to participate.
    You could choose to make a 5inch square mug rug to a queen/king size quilt. Each participant can choose the size of the quilt they want to make based on quilting time available to them that month.

    This kind of forces me to make sure that I do make at least one quilt a month. I am still hashing out the details though.


  3. I to have yards and yards of fabric that I dreamt would turn into quilts!! Boot Camp sounds just what I need-don't know that I will be able to commit to every month as this year is about changes for me but I am a starter and look forward to it.

    1. Hi Marls,
      That's so exciting to know that you could join. No pressure, you can choose to join any month you can. All the tutorials will be available throughout the year. I will try to have few different options to choose from based on your comfort level and availability for that month.

      Looking forward to it.

  4. How fun and a great way to start using up all the fabric I've been hoarding!!! Can't wait:-)

    1. Thank you! That would awesome for you to join us.

  5. This sounds like fun! I'd like to try this too.

    1. That's great! I'm thrilled that you can join us.


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