UFO Sunday's with Leah Day: Little Hexie Quilt

This week I actually didn't not work on an existing UFO/project but started a new project with my 5 year old daughter. Even though this is new project, I consider this as UFO beacuase I have been thinking of introducing my daughter to sewing. Knowing her I felt that she would really enjoy working on Hexies with English paper piecing. She loves to use her kids scissors. This will be my first time trying English paper piecing too. We both are learning ;).

We started a few weeks backs cutting the hexagon templates. She did really good at the beginning and then got bored of cutting the templates. I first thought this would be fun part which she would enjoy. Then later I cut the templates for her and let her cut the fabrics and gluing the fabrics to the Hexagon templates. She does love craft work and she did enjoy this part. But I had to let go my perfectionism with this project and reminder myself that she is only 5 years old. LOL

Hexies and Leaves all done

I'm just trying to relax and not worry too much about it. But this seems to be really the hard part and I have to keep reminding myself that the goal here is to introduce her to sewing/quilting. Here is a picture of her first little stitches. I'm so proud of her.

Little stitches from a 5 year old

Our inspiration for this project was from Craftsy Block of the Month April : English paper piecing. This past Sunday we made all our hexies. Throughout the design process I'm making her pick the fabrics(from charm pack), which she totally loves. She even made a design decision on the background color for our little quilt and I like that more than my original choice to go with ivory or cream background. She picked sky blue for the background.
Our Wall Quilt Design - Need to add the stem though

Here are some pictures of our joint venture so far :-).
Our Quilt Progress
I had stitched the hexagons to the quilt. The sun rays are all stitched together I have applique the rest next week.

Boy this was fun, but lot of work. I'm totally exhausted now ;). Now, have to go catch-up with work.

Have you taught a little one to sew? If so, would love to hear your experience and how to got them started.
Any tips and tricks would be great appreciated too ;).

Good night now!


  1. This is a wonderful way to introduce your daughter to sewing and she's obviously got an eye for design;-) Audrey started with a hand pieced & quilted doll quilt for her American Girl. Dex and I make bags and pillowcases with the machine. We should definitely compare notes!

  2. What a great idea for your first 'quilt' together! Little ones have such short attention spans! I've tried to teach my 12-year-old granddaughter to crochet, and she asks me 'but what do you DO with it?' My other grandchildren are more entranced with Spongebob. I understand and sympathize with your exhaustion, but applaud your patience!


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