SewCal Gal's 2012 FMQ Challenge - April

This was an interesting challenge and in hand with what we are currently working on with Leah Day's Quilt Along. Seems like its wholecloth quit season.

This month tutorial is my Don Linn. His work is really inspiring. I'm kind of a person who likes to experiment with designs and find new ones. So, this perfectly falls on my ally. So, I slightly modified the design by removing the leaf motif from the same place Don had removed the petal and inserted the tip of a feather. Looks like I can't stop my love for feathers ;).

Here is my new design. I had do play with the scale little bit since I want to make the sampler quilt and SewCal Gal suggested that we make a 8x8 square for this project. So, Don's original design has reduced by 80% and then modified.
Modified Design

Traced the template using black sharpie pen

Template create on tulle fabric
Quilted template with flash...I used Aqua color thread
Picture without flash to see the quilting
Micro-stippling around the motif

I plan to finish of this wholecloth mini quilt by micro-stippling all over surrounding the design to make it really pop. Will post a picture when I'm done.


  1. Love that motif!! I, also, have been "bitten" by this FMQ micro-stippling "bug"!! It is so exciting to see the design emerge as the background is removed by the stippling to reveal the "trapunto-like" puffiness. Look forward to seeing your next post of this project! Hugs, Doreen

    1. Thank you, Doreen. Its always fun to read your comment.
      I can't wait to see what Leah is going to have for us this month.


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