Quilt Along with Leah Day - Week 12

This week's task was micro-stippling around the heart and feather motifs. I have to say micro-stippling was really fun. I actually started by working on a practice sandwich before doing my "Heart & Feather" wholecloth quilt.

The practice quilt I started by outlining the motif in the center and then quilted in circles instead of rows and followed the same for each flower as I got closer to it. This was just a practice one so I goofed a little around the flower ;).
Here are pictures of my practice quilt:
Practice quilt Front
Practice quilt back

Last week Danielle had suggested that I try hair-dryer to get the markings out of my quilt. I did try this method and I had to setup my dryer at hot with medium speed. The markings did go away but some of the lines then came back after it  cooled off. So, I went back to those lines with tip of my iron. So, I am thinking that not just the heat but little bit friction is also required for the markings to disappear from the Pilot's Frixon pens.
You can still here the markings around some of the hearts:

Since I was quilting with same color thread, at times it was difficult to see where I had already quilted. I realized a new trick to work through this problem. Every time I didn't know where I was stitching I quilted away from it to get a better view and then went back to it.

Also I realized that as I started quilting in the borders my microstippling got little big. Probably because of the space available I started quilting bigger. Not sure why though :-).
Here are pictures of my wholecloth quilt:
Wholecloth Quilt - taken in natural light during the day
Closeup of the center motif

Closeup of the corner motif

Closeup of the another corner motif

It was so much fun doing this wholecloth quilt. Thank you again Leah for the wonderful tutorials.


  1. Love the flowers!!! I know that I will be using this a lot in the days ahead. Learned a ton of things about myself, my machine and the micro-stippling technique itself! Great post~ Easter Blessings and hugs, Doreen

    1. I know I really love micro-stippling as well. I never thought in my life I would want to enter into quilt show. Now, after few more months I might give it a shot when an idea pops out of my head ;).
      Happy Easter!

  2. Your whole cloth looks great and I love your practice piece. Sorry the hairdryer didn't work! Well, at least, now we know!! :)

    1. Danielle,
      I won't say that hair-dryer was not helpful. But it did speed up the process and I had to give a few hours break before I went back and erased out the remaining lines. I'm wondering that it might just take little longer with the hair-dryer to make the markings disappear. Thanks for the suggestion :-).


  3. I love the flower one! :] it looks great to me, really works with making the flowers stand out. Really pretty :]



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