Quilt Along with Leah Day - Week 9

Here is the sneak peak of the quilt I finished for Week 8 of Quilt along.

All bound and ready to be used

Quilt back

So, this week looks like the task is to maneuver your quilt in your sewing work space efficiently. So, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my workroom. I'm literally a closet quilter. Why I have this arrangement? I share the space with my kids, they use it as their playroom and its also my sewing room. So, I tuck all my sewing machine and other stuff which I don't want them to get into, to the closet. If the baby wakes up in the middle of my quilting. I can just close my closet and run to him :-). For now, no complains I love this arrangement.
My studio(actually my closet LOL)
 This week I got very ambitious and started piecing a queen size quilt with saw-tooth-star block. I'm not in love with my center block though. It took me a long time to make up my mind about the type of block I wanted to try. I have been using the flying-geese to make these saw-tooth-star blocks. Here is what I currently have. But don't love it though. Might change the center block to the same fabric as the star-points. Any suggestions are welcome, please leave me a comment about what you would have done with the fabric choices.

16inch square Saw-tooth-star block
For this weeks Quilt Along, I quilted this baby quilt. I not very happy with my FMQ choices though. I decided to do wavy lines around each block and then also wanted to enhance the motif of "ABC" with quilting. I have used scare amount of micro-stippling to move from one block to the other and also to quilt the motif. This was more work than I actually thought.

For the first border I used a basic spiral FMQ from Leah's website.

For the second outer border, I came up with this design inspired my feathers and Leah's "Swirling Petals" FMQ. I had couple of intermediate designs and finally came up with this and I really love the effect.
I'm not sure if you can see, this is to show the feather petals

Quilt 2

Close-up of the feather petals


  1. The feather petals look very nice, as does the entire project. I agree, micro stippling is a time consuming pattern....and to think it is a pattern I would "fall back" on when quilting a quilt! Not so much any more, although it does have its place.

    1. Doreen, you're so right about microstippling.
      I'm really in love with the feather petals. I wish I had used a different color thread or not so busy print to really its beauty.

  2. Your quilting is very nice. I like the border very much!
    As for yur block...just my two cents worth here! I would find a fabric that blends with the background....maybe a soft rust. Although I like the print you have in the center now, it's all I see when I look at the block. It kinda "hides" the star. If you made the center square the same color as the points, you could quilt a pretty motif there and it would show up nicely. Just a thought...

    1. Thank you, Candy!

      You're so right about the block. I felt the same, I couldn't see the star. All I see when I look at that block is center one. It reallys pops out. I might just use it as a snowball block(the center one). And replace this with another little star for center that matches the other two fabric. Will post more once I my changes done. Thanks again!

  3. Very nice!!! I like the startooth. I don't know that I would have done it any differently. It looks wonderful!!!

    1. Thank you, Mike for your kinds words! I know I really liked it when I initially got it done. But at the same time felt that the center block(fabric) was grabbing all the attention and I wasn't seeing the star at all.


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