Quilt Along with Leah Day - Week 5

It was just so exciting to see comments from Leah, Pat & Anee and all! Leah you are my free motion quilting inspiration. Thanks again for all the tutorials.

This week I am taking the things Leah taught and apply that to my butterfly quilt. If I have extra time,then I will try to piece up a table runner with saw-tooth-star. Lets see if its possible.

Butterfly Quilt:
Here are pictures of the butterflies and lady bugs I tried to stipple into, I would call this micro stippling. The butterflies on my quilt are approximately 4x4inches and looks like my stippling scale is probably 1/8th of inch or less. The lady bugs may be 1/16th inch of stippling. So tiny or dense.

Micro-stippling on the lady bug with circle motif

Another attempt at micro-stippling
So far, this is my best quilted butterfly
More stippling

I am planning to finish my butterfly quilt with pink thread. Since, this is my try out quilt. I wanted to play with the thread colors. I would like to go and finish up the rest of the butterfly's body in purple thread but didn't want to waste thread in traveling from one butterfly to the other. So, I am just going to finish up the quilt in all pink thread. Any suggestions? Leave your comments below if you have a suggestion.

The butterflies will be quilted with micro-stippling as shown in pictures above in pink thread and rest of the quilt in 1/2inch stippling. Will post pictures when I finish my quilt.

Sawtooth Star Quilt:

So, I did piece my sawtooth star quilt/table runner with three blocks. This was a big undertaking for this week.
I made flying geese to make the star points and then center square was fussy cut with birds. And small square for the outer. Will make another post with the full details.
Fabric used:
1. Moda bella solids antique white
2. Debbie Mum's 3 different bird print. The pictures shows the 2 different bird prints used for the top. 

Here is the pieced sawtooth start quilt:

Sawtooth start table runner pieced/top
I started stippling inside the block as per Leah's Quilt Along week5 and then quilted the tree branch and then the bird. For first timer I think it came out great.
Sawtooth Star Block with bird motif and 1/4inch stippling
This is my third quilt which I pieced and I am very impressed with how it came out. Its just too beautiful to be a table runner. So, I'm thinking of making it a wall hanging. I am thinking of finishing up the other two blocks with stippling and then quilt with feathers for the borders. Will post pictures when I'm done with this quilt. Probably this is going to be my first pieced and finished quilt ;).

Looks like I have a lot of working projects which I need to finish up.

Leah if you're reading this, I have two question for you this week:
1. First, what type of needle do you use in your machine. Since, you have mentioned that you always use the IsoCord threads. Did you ever have to use different weight needles? If so, why and when?

2. Second, when we have motif in the center of a block, which do you do first? Do you stipple the block first and then the motif? Or do you finish quilting the motif first and finish the thread. And then stipple or quilt the block?

That's all for this week. Its time to shut up and quilt like Leah says :-).



  1. Aw! I love your little sawtooth table runner / wallhanging! It's amazing you were able to put it together so quickly and it looks terrific!

    I'll definitely answer your questions tomorrow in Question Thursday, but for now, keep quilting - it's looking great!

    1. Thank you, Leah!
      Actually I started and finished sawtooth star table runner last night after the baby went to sleep. I should have gotten some sleep instead I stayed up late last night finishing up this table runner. Sounds crazy right? I have this quilt craze which I can't stop.

      I have been watching a lot of Quilting & FMQ tutorials for the past 6+ months and its now time to put everything into action.

      Thanks again for helping me out to learn FMQ & do more quilting.

      Can't wait to see your answers tomorrow.
      Have a great week!

  2. Both of your projects look great. I love how your quilting your butterflies. You are doing so well! I hope you have a great week.

    1. Thank you, Pat! I love your projects too.
      You too have a great week!

  3. I'm really impressed with the stippling in the butterflies! They all look great! I can picture the pink thread on the brown background and I think it would look nice.

    1. Thank you, Mike!
      I still have lot more butterflies to quilt :-).

  4. Both projects look really good! I love those butterflies! ~Jeanne

  5. Very cute ideas, I look forward to seeing how the butterfly quilt comes out. I can't believe you've got the patience to quilt it on such a small scale!

    1. Thank you, MC!
      I know I started to try it out and I really like the way the quilted butterflies turned out. I still have lot of butterflies to quilt. It's gonna be a busy week.

  6. Awe, the stippling on the butterflies looks so cute! I love that idea. And I'm there with you on the quilting craze! I am literally losing sleep, too!

  7. Thank you, Danih! I'm glad is not just me.

  8. Micro micro stippling! Lovely. And congratulations on the beautiful sawtooth hanging - love it.

    1. Thank you, Anee! I'm now wondering how to finish it though.

  9. Great triple sawtooth project! And nice job on the stippling. Started and finished when the baby was asleep? WOW! You are a super stitcher, Malini. Keep up the great work.

    1. Actually, it took me approximately 5-6hours I guess. I was up late that night :-).


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