Saturday, June 29, 2013

FMQ Friday w/ Leah Day - Finally a Tote bag

I have been craving to make bags for a long time. Since, I started quilting I haven't made anything other than baby/kids quilts or wall hanging.

I made my first quilted tote bag using this video by Jenny@Missour Star Quilt Company. This uses charm packs, great way to use up your charm stash. I tend to buy charm packs a lot because its a great way to collect pieces of all those fabulous fabrics.

I used straight line quilting on the solid and Angela Walters flower design in the charm square. You can see the quilting only on the back, picture#2.

1.Front of the bag just quilted

Back of the quilted panel for the tote bag

Moda Serenade tote bag

Hmmm this was supposed to be shown vertically

My daughter's favorite color is purple and this is going to be hers. I am making one of me from the same fabric line but different colorway.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP - Record keeping for "Quilts for Boston"

This past Saturday we had sew-in to work on the Quilts for boston. I got little bit of my binding done during the meeting/sew-in. Still a long way to go.

Also picked up 6 quilt tops, backing(cut and ready to sew) and batting to prep them. Here are the quilt tops pieced by BMQG members/volunteers.

Quilting in the longarm machine does need squaring off the sides for both quilt top and the backing. So, I pieced 4 backings and squared off 4 tops and dropped them off @Bits N Pieces Pelham, NH.
Bits N Pieces quilt shop has generously offered to quilt the quilts for us. Its so wonderful to see how our community comes together when people are in need for help and support.

4 done and 2 more to go. Also I to stitch the binding on to the quilt which I got quilted last week, you can read about it here.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quilts for Boston - Update 6/20

I got one quilt quilted in the long arm machine @ Bits N Pieces. I really love going in here and Liz was so generous to offer me use the longarm for free to quilt another "Quilts for Boston" quilt . I quilted 2 different designs and tried something different in one of the blocks. For the white background I choose wood grain design by Angela Walters from her first book. And for the center of quilt I stayed with good old stippling. My comfort zone with long arm is still at very beginner level. I had mixed feeling about the wood grain but seem to have good control over stippling. I know many people hate stippling but it is good beginner FMQ design and helps to master other designs later.

It really had fun quilting on the HQ Avante. Dreaming of owning it some day ;).

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Quilts for Boston - Update 6/16

This past Wednesday I got to the LQS to quilt one of my quilts for Boston. The amazing people at Bits N Pieces quilt shop offered to quilt the quilts for Boston and also let me use their long arm for free of charge.
The shop owner Liz and her daughter Alyssa are just amazing. Its always a pleasant experience while I am at the store.

I quilted this quilt in square swirls with 1 inch scale(quilted 1 inch apart). Its interested to see how my skills levels are totally different between using the HSM Vs LongArm. At home, at good with quilting swirls, and curvy designs where with Long arm I tend to be good with straight line quilting. I am not sure if its because of the weight of the machine or the regulated mode or whatever. As long as I can quilt something which looks good for a beginner at the Long arm, I am just happy.

I used a blue variegated thread which goes from light blue to dark blue.

Here are some pics of my quilt:

I had already made the binding for this quilt. All I have to do now is square off the edges and start binding :-). I am planning to quilt another quilt for Boston next week. Started thinking about FMQ designs which will work well with my long arm skills ;)

Happy Quilting!

Modern Mini@Ellison Lane - Honeycomb in the City

I started working on this mini quilt couple of weeks ago thinking its so tiny, 14.5 x 17.5 that I would get it done faster. But the mini also takes time 6. The piecing went pretty fast though. I used Mini Tumbler ruler by Natalie Dawn for MissouriQuiltCo. These go perfectly with Moda's Candy (2.5 inch squares). These are my latest addictions. I used Moda Comma fabric line for this quilt with Kona Medium Gray as the background.

Here are few pictures of my quilt. I used various quilting designs, some my are my own and some are by Angela Walters and Leah Day.

Honeycomb in the City - 14.5x17.5 inches

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Quilts for Boston Update

This past week I have been busy with working on piecing the quilt top and also couple of backings for the "Quilts for Boston". We had a sew-in @ Quilters Way last Wednesday it was a fun night spending the wonderful ladies from BMQG and Quilters Way.

This time around I picked up some blocks and then added more negative space by making HTS using neutral fabrics(gray or white) . Here is my final outcome:

My Second pieced quilt top for "Quilts for Boston"
I really liked how the quilt turned out. This does have some fabrics which are not exactly yellow. When I picked up the fabric I thought it looked yellow but its more of a lime green/little bit of yellowish.

Here is my contribution to the quilt. I initial made simple big HTS but didn't like couple of blocks. So, added another small print.

My blcoks for this quilt. The big print is from the fabric donated for "Quilts for Boston" and lime green/yellowish fabric is from my stash
Quilt Backs:
I had 6 yards of this blue Mechanical Genius by Timeless Tressure fabric which perfected worked with the colors they needed for "Quilts for Boston". So, I made two backs from my stash.

From my stash I had these beautiful blue Mechanical Genius fabric to make 2 quilt backs(60x70)
The below two blocks didn't make the cut. And I'm glad that I didn't include these in this quilt. I hope someone from our BMQG will transform these two blocks to look more modern.

I got excited @Sew-in to see the big print and made these two blocks. But they didn't make it since the negative space color was too dark

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