Quilts for Boston - Update 6/20

I got one quilt quilted in the long arm machine @ Bits N Pieces. I really love going in here and Liz was so generous to offer me use the longarm for free to quilt another "Quilts for Boston" quilt . I quilted 2 different designs and tried something different in one of the blocks. For the white background I choose wood grain design by Angela Walters from her first book. And for the center of quilt I stayed with good old stippling. My comfort zone with long arm is still at very beginner level. I had mixed feeling about the wood grain but seem to have good control over stippling. I know many people hate stippling but it is good beginner FMQ design and helps to master other designs later.

It really had fun quilting on the HQ Avante. Dreaming of owning it some day ;).


  1. I love how you totally mixed up the blocks and made something totally different. What a great quilt.

  2. You go girl! This makes how many that you made?

  3. Beautiful quilting, Malini!!! Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway.


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