Quilts for Boston - Update 6/16

This past Wednesday I got to the LQS to quilt one of my quilts for Boston. The amazing people at Bits N Pieces quilt shop offered to quilt the quilts for Boston and also let me use their long arm for free of charge.
The shop owner Liz and her daughter Alyssa are just amazing. Its always a pleasant experience while I am at the store.

I quilted this quilt in square swirls with 1 inch scale(quilted 1 inch apart). Its interested to see how my skills levels are totally different between using the HSM Vs LongArm. At home, at good with quilting swirls, and curvy designs where with Long arm I tend to be good with straight line quilting. I am not sure if its because of the weight of the machine or the regulated mode or whatever. As long as I can quilt something which looks good for a beginner at the Long arm, I am just happy.

I used a blue variegated thread which goes from light blue to dark blue.

Here are some pics of my quilt:

I had already made the binding for this quilt. All I have to do now is square off the edges and start binding :-). I am planning to quilt another quilt for Boston next week. Started thinking about FMQ designs which will work well with my long arm skills ;)

Happy Quilting!


  1. This looks great! I definitely think you use a different skill set with the longarm compared to the domestic machine. This straight line quilting here is awesome!!!! You should be proud!

  2. WOW!!! This looks fabulous. I definitely find straight lines easier on the longarm, you don't have to run the entire quilt through your machine;-) Thanks so much for helping!!!

  3. Looks awesome. Straight lines are easier on a longarm when you're going left to right or up and down. At a diagonal, you really need a ruler to get straight lines.

  4. Love this quilting - can't go wrong with those chain squares! You are inspiring me to get brave and try a long-arm for once :)


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