Leah Day's FMQ Friday - Varshini's quilt

I finally got V's quilt done this past Wednesday @ Bits N Pieces. My inspiration for this quilt was Angela Walter's Free Motion Quilting Feathers. This entire class is all about feathers. I love feathers so much that this class was totally worth it.

Here are some pictures of the quilt. A lot of negative space for the fun quilting. This quilt was a joint venture between me and my daughter. It was her design and she did all the appliques. She had so much fun peeling off the paper from back of the appliques and sticking them to the quilt. I did all the piecing and ironing for her :-).

Varshini's Quilt - Feathers FMQ

Feathers FMQ and more...

Closeup of the border and swirls feathers
Another closeup of the feathers - this is pretty large scale feather about 2inches I guess
K saying cheese!
When big sis is at school we take over her quilt as well as bunny ;)

Back of the quilt - Paisley Minky fabric. Do you see the little feet?

This was really fun to quilt. One thing I have observed quilting on a long arm, is that I should just go with the flow for a better quilting experience. If I plan to many designs based on the blocks or something, it gets little tedious. This one was really fun to quilt.

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  1. Oh, I am LOL! That little foot! And he has such a look of the rascal about him! I bet V had the best time, too! What a wonderful mother/daughter collaboration!

  2. Can't wait til my girl is old enough to help, that's so fun! My favorite on the FMQing is on the border beyond the squares - love that!

  3. This looks awesome! You seem to be really getting the hang of the longarm now.

  4. Your feathers are fabulous!!! Another gorgeous quilt:-)


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