Venturing out - Hand Embroidery

I always have hard time making a quilt label. I feel it should look professional and good especially if you're gifting to a non-quilter friend/family. Not sure, if they really appreaciate all the work that goes into it. I always keep my fingers crossed to see if they really like the gift or not.

Recently I finished two toddler quilts for my nephew (4yrs) and niece(2yrs) and wanted a quilt label more personal and as adorable as they are.

I really love the Little Stitches book by Aneela Hoey. Here are the two patterns I used for the quilt label. When the first one I traced the letters and the second one I just went for it without marking. Hmmm you can definitely tell the difference:

I thought the quilt labels were cute, even though not perfect.

Happy Quilting!


  1. I think they are perfect! I embroidered the label on my nephews quilt this time too but text only. You must have learned to embroider as a child... yes?

  2. Those are adorable!!! I always have the best intentions to label my quilts but actually only do it about half the time;-)


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