FMQ Friday - Feather Therapy

Its been a long time since I quilted my Totally Groovy quilt. This was my first large quilt and sometimes I feel if I work on this alone nothing else will be get done. So, this has been put away for a long time.

This week I quilted some more of my continuous feathers. You can see that I gradually change the scale of my quilting. Quilting in 1/2inch scale seems to be so easy when compared to large scale 1.5inch scale.

Groovy Quilt - continuous Feather FMQ

Groovy Quilt Back - Feather FMQ

Groovy Quilt - Feather FMQ closeup
At least I made some progress with my groovy quilt.

Now linking it with Leah Day's FMQ Friday.


  1. It is a challenge to "quilt large" and maintain an even size/scale throughout, whether on a DSM or long/mid arm. Consistency is another one of those skills that comes from much practice!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  2. Those feathers are totally gorgeous! Love how you've added the tight swirls in the larger areas :)

  3. Looking great so far! Maintaining a certain scale is tough, but the great thing with this quilt is that you can vary the scale.

  4. You really inspire me to try feathers!! I will let you know how I do .... :)

  5. Your feathers are fabulous!!! With all that quilting you won't notice the change in scale when you're done... and if you do it's a design feature;-)


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