X's and Os Quilt

This past week I have been on a roll finishing up my quilt tops which either had partially pieced blocks or the fabrics where cut and ready to go. 

So, here is what have been upto in the last 10 days:
The first quilt top which I finished is Xs and O's quilt blocks using Moda's Rooftop Garden collections. 
Check out this awesome tutorial from Jenny Doan @Missouri Star Quilt Co
These are vibrant and colorful fabric. The first time I saw some of the quilts made from this line were not attractive at all. I believe some solid fabric needed to be added to make the beautfy of this fabric line pop.

Here is my attempt in doing so:
Quilt Top
X's and O's quilt top
A closer look at the X's and O's quilt block. I goofed up a little while trimming the blocks and some of my white squares ended up being wonky. But I do like this happy mistake. You can see that in the below pic:
X's and O's Blocks

Here is another sneak-peak at the one more quilt which Im working on.. I actually like the way it looks but going to try adding a border. Not sure if its a good idea or not. What do you thing? 
Indian Summer Quilt
Leave a comment if you have an opinion of suggestions one way or the other.
I was just checking Leah Day's blog and looks like she started new UFO Day on Sundays. So, I'm going to link this up.

Happy Quilting!


  1. I LOVE the Xs and Os quilt and you can never go wrong with pink and green;-)

    1. Thank you, Alice! You said my mind! Love pink and green any day!

  2. Love the X/O quilt and I, also, think the idea of an additional border....something to calm down all that is going on in the center...is a great idea!!! Very nice!!!

  3. Hi Malini, That Moda line (name?) and it is overwhelming so it needs the solids, bit envious that you have the grey/slate border I think I have black.

    The last quilt is definitely without borders - the colours work well.

  4. Thank you, Zuzan!
    I love the grey/slate fabric. My backing is the bigger print of the same grey/slate ;). Will post once I'm done with the quilt.

    I know I wanted to make the last quilt a little bigger. But having hard time putting a border on it. Like you said probably I still just leave it as is.

  5. I would not border the 2nd quilt, unless you need for it to be bigger.

  6. I would not border the 2nd quilt, unless you need for it to be bigger.


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