SewCalGal's FMQ Challenge for August by Wendy Sheppard

This months challenge was really fun. I have done a similar FMQ design during one of Leah Days Quilt Alongs, the sharp stippling.

Here are couple of practice quilt sandwiches:
The first one was done in small scale, they're between 1/4 & 1/2 inches scale:
Party Hat FMQ - 1/4 inch scale

I was reading Wendy Sheppard blog this morning and decided to try it in large scale. Here is a snapshot of that:
Party Hats FMQ - 1/2 inch scale

Thank you both Wendy for sharing this wonderful tutorial and SewCalGal for bringing this wonderful opportunity to learn and improve upon our FMQ. You both are amazing!


  1. What a great pattern!!! Your FMQ looks great:-)

  2. Great job Malini. I think this will look great as a filler FMQ design on your quilts.



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