Little Boy's ABC Quilt

May month has been extremely busy for me. I haven't really blogged except for once this whole month. But I did get a quilt done during May. Its a little boy's ABC quilt with blue, reds, yellows and green as the main color scheme in this quilt. This is a perfect quilt for a little boy in your life who is absolutely in love with his letters.

A lot of quilting has been done in this quilt. I started with stitching in the ditch, but it was different this time it wasn't straight lines, it was wiggly lines. Talk about challenging yourself. By the time I finished highlight all the blocks I got really good at quilting free-hand wiggly lines.
Wiggly Lines Back of the Quilt
 So you can see the grid quite well in the above picture. Here is a picture of the front of the quilt:
ABC Quilt
ABC Quilt - showcasing wiggly lines around the blocks. The binding was done with a fabric with allover ABC's.

I then quilted around each big letter and the motif/image inside each block. This whole quilt was a lot of quilting in straight or should I say wiggly lines. This was really a good practice of this type of quilting.
To be able to read the words in the outside border of the quilt, I choose a loopy loopy design which would not block the words in the outer border. This was really fun.

Here is a picture of the quilt after all the quilting was complete of each block.
Quilted Block and quilted inner border.
I quilted in the inner border with a cross and a circle in the center. This really brings out the print of the fabric highlight it.
Quilted Blocks - Motifs and big letter
Loopy Loop FMQ design on the outer border
Paisley FMQ design
Heart Paisley FMQ design
Spike Paisley FMQ design - which looks like Dinosaur claws
Quilted Blocks
Quilted Blocks - Picture2
Binding was done with all over ABC fabric

Binding and back of the quilt

It was fun to quilt some of the Leah's FMQ designs: Paisley, Heart Paisley and Spike Paisley.

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. What a super cool quilt! A very lucky little boy. I really like your quilting, all great decisions.

  2. Love the quilting!

  3. Your quilting looks amazing! I love this quilt, and the designs you chose works brilliantly, love it!

  4. Awe what a cute quilt! It's so bright and cheery! Awesome on the quilting;)

  5. Thank you, Marelize & Danielle. I really had fun quilting this quilt.

  6. Would you make this and sell it! I'd love one for my boy. It's beautiful!


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