UFO Sunday with Leah Day - X's n O's quilt

Okay for the last couple of week I have been working on X's and O's quilt. I choose the Angela Walters Plume Feather for the center squares or X's. And not sure what to do with the white diamonds, just stitched in the ditch. I didn't want to use the dark thread on the white background for quilting.

The inner border is again a problem area, which I am still evaluating on which FMQ design might work. I have two different thoughts about it:
1. Wood grain FMQ
2. Just straight line quilting echoing the triangles which are formed against the inner border.
Plume Feather FMQ Closeup
So for now, I stitched in the ditch around the inner border. For the order border I choose the Flower design from Angela's first book "FMQ with Angela walters". I used the same design in my groovy Quilt too. And absolutely love the texture.
Modern Flower FMQ design

The Plume Feathers looks lovely from the back. First I was stiching in the ditch around the X blocks, but that  took away the beauty of the Plume Feather. So, I skipped doing that.

I used So Fine#50 Dark green thread, this thread does blend beautifully, but for some reason my machine didn't like it :-(. Had lot of thread issues. So, for Sulky 40wt Rayon threads works well with my sewing machine. I have tried quite a few different brands of thread both cotton and polyester but this is the one which works for me. But from time to time I get tempted to try something new ;).

Now on to my next post about my Groovy Quilt.


  1. Love the plumes! They turned out great.

  2. The plumes are lovely. I recently tried the isacord that Leah recomends and it worked great in my machine.

  3. Those plume feathers look brilliant! I would be tempted to do the straight line echo around the inner border with a light thread. Maybe you could compliment that by doing an echo square spiral in the white squares, although that would be a lot of stops and starts. Great quilting :)

  4. Another option in the white squares is Leah Day's Flowing Lines, super quick and simple, perfect for centre squares and borders or sashing. I used it for the large blocks on one of my quilts and I LOVED the texture it created against the border quilt pattern Daisy chain. If you'd like to look: http://passionquilting.blogspot.ca/2012/10/re-purposing-rocks.html

  5. The plumes and the flowers in the border are both gorgeous. Fabulous quilting, Malini!


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