Quilt Along with Leah Day - Week 3

This is the same quilt sandwich which I showed in week2 progress. Since I got to do all the catch-ups from week1 through week 3 during week4. My orders are all messed up. I hoping that I would be able to continue from now on with missing any week.

 See below pictures showing two different scales. I guess 1/2 inch scale comes naturally to me and then I tried the 1/4inch scale. With more practice looks like I might be able to get better at 1/4inch scale.
I didn't try the 1inch scale due to two reasons, first wasn't sure with my machine without any special accessories if I will be able to do 1inch stippling. So stayed away from it.

Here are the pictures:
the full quilt showing 2 different scales of stippling

Left 1/4 inch scale; Right 1/2 inch scale


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